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People are excited about the Netflix series Inventing Anna.

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Is Inventing Anna launched?

Anna’s ascension to the leading New York society and a dramatic decline from favor after her imprisonment in October 2017 are chronicled in this eight-part series.

Anna was sentenced to over two years in jail after committing several counts of premeditated theft of services, robbery in the second degree, and grand larceny.

Audiences witness her tense relationship with her boyfriend Chase at the beginning of the series; however, Chase was genuine in Anna’s life. 

What is the Cast Of Inventing Anna Chase?

The film Inventing Anna is now out, and Ozark’s actor Julia Garner plays Anna Delvey, a.k.a. Anna Sorokin, a convicted fraudster. 

Suppose you recognize her as Anna Sorokin or Anna Delvey. In that case, you must have probably known about the story of a young woman who used her fictitious identification as an affluent princess to defraud New York celebrities.

If you have never seen “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Bridgerton,” or “Scandal,” you are going to see now, due to the mega-producer Shonda Rhimes behind successes including “Grey’s Anatomy,”  “Bridgerton,” and “Scandal.”

“Inventing Anna,” the most recent show, starring Anna Chlumsky as the journalist and Julia Garner as Delvey, covers her narrative.

Inventing Anna Cast Chase:

Chase, an ambitious computer mogul, makes an initial appearance in the series, mainly through flashbacks created by Anna’s old stylist friend Val or James Cusati-Moyer. 

His complicated loving relationship with Anna places him on both ends of the fraud, as Vivian assumes he is involved.

In the end, he’s simply another victim of Anna’s relentless ascent to the top. Saamer Usmani, who has lately been in “What/If,” “Succession,” and “Katy Keene,” plays him.

Which other characters are there in Inventing Anna?

Here is a go through of the characters of the Inventing Anna series:

  • Anna Delvey, played by Julia Garner
  • Cast Of Inventing Anna Chase Sikorski played by Saamer Usmani
  • Vivian, played by Anna Chlumsky
  • Todd, played by Arian Moayed
  • Jack, played by Anders Holm
  • Kacey Duke, played by Laverne Cox
  • Neff, played by Alexis Floyd
  • Rachael, played by Katie Lowes
  • Nora Radford, played by Kate Burton
  • Catherine McCaw, played by Rebecca Henderson, and
  • James Cusati-Moyer as Val


The nine-episode series, which is currently available on Netflix, is packed with memorable characters, mostly Shondaland locals.

The attest Netflix series by Shonda Rhimes is full of several characters by a few of the most important series, including Inventing Anna Cast Chase

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