Imposters Trials Fortnite (August 2021) How To Register?

 In this post, we will discuss the Imposters Trials Fortnite event, which is gaining the attention of gamers throughout the globe.

Are you searching for free ways to earn rewards in Fortnite? You don’t have to do tons of shady things in the third-party to get free rewards in Fortnite. In this post, we will discuss an official way of getting free exciting rewards.

Epic Games have recently released an event that can give you free cosmetics, and all you need to have is good gaming skills. The event is known as Imposter Trials, and it is getting huge attention from the gamers along with Italy, Ukraine, Canada, and the United States.

Let us discuss more Imposters Trials Fortnite further in this post.

A Few Lines About Imposter Trials

It is a set of challenges based on Fortnite’s newest imposter game mode, which is somewhat similar to the among us game. The exciting thing here is you are getting a chance to unlock cosmetics for free, and the challenges you will face here are much easier.

After finishing every two games, players will earn a badge, and you will also get a badge by registering for this challenge. There are 11 badges to collect. After collecting all the badges, you will get all three available cosmetics.

Prizes On Collecting Badges from Imposters Trials Fortnite

Below are the mentioned things you will get from collecting badges from Imposter Trials:

  • 1 Badge – You will get a Hot-Headed Spray.
  • 6 Badges – You will get the Just Between Us Emoticon only after playing 12 imposters games.
  • 11 Badges – You will get a Spectral Flex Wrap, and you can claim the reward after playing 22 imposters games.

As you know, after completing two games you will get a Badge as a reward.

How to Register for Imposter Trials?

Follow along the steps mentioned below to register in Imposters Trials Fortnite:

  • Go to the given website
  • Log in there with your Epic Games Account.
  • If everything goes fine, you will already get your one Badge.
  • To earn more badges, you have to play the games in the imposter mode.

The website will show you the statistics to check out the website for further progress in the game. 

Another important thing to note here is the event is said to be live till September 6, so you have plenty of time to earn your Badge. But Only 5 million players can enter this Imposters Trials Fortnite eventso be sure to register by following the above steps before it is too late.

The Final Verdict

You probably have not seen many of these kinds of opportunities because we don’t get to have many free rewards officially, but this event has brought the opportunity to gamers. So, inspite of spending your hours in shady things to earn free rewards, you should participate in this event as it gives you a chance to get a free reward officially.  Check out the imposter mode platform here

Have you already participated in this event? Let us know about your experience so far in Imposter Trials. Also, do share this Imposters Trials Fortnite post to inform others about this event. 

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