Urbandoll Scam (March 2022) Deciphering The Truth Here!

Read the details about the Urbandoll Scam to be aware of the ways that people are getting scammed online.

Breaking an individual’s trust is the worst thing anyone could do because, unfortunately, it scars the person so badly that sometimes they tend to live in fear of getting cheated again. The process of getting cheated or scammed doesn’t only affect an individual financially, but it has emotional repercussions too. 

However, these things don’t stop some people from scamming innocent and unsuspecting individuals. According to reports, the United States has faced many scam cases, especially with social media influence. Therefore today, we are unmasking yet another scam that is Urbandoll Scam for people. 

A Few Words About Urbandoll

The details about the person who happens to be at the focal point of the scam are limited. The Urbandoll is the user’s name of one of the makeup enthusiasts on Twitter who also goes by Bronzeandboujie in some of her social media handles. 

She has been a controversial figure in the United State for many reasons and has an enormous fan following on social media. She has been in controversy because her accounts have been suspended multiple times by the platform. According to the reports, she was also accused of using pictures of other users as her own and catfishing people.

Details About Urbandoll Scam

The account and the account user are associated with many discussions and accusations. There are multiple pages online dedicated to exposing the real deal and scams that this user runs. As mentioned, the real identity behind the face behind this account is still unknown, and some people claim that the user stated her name to be Isabelle Martinez initially. The scam that she is associated with is regarding the giveaways. 

According to sources, she would promise her followers exciting giveaways and then fail to deliver them when the time comes. This Urbandoll Scam has been a repeated pattern now as many people came forward to let the world know they were cheated of their money. 

The user did not start the scam recently. However, she was previously associated with the finest forever scam where people who purchased from the company never got their products or money back.

The Outcome of the Mess

From the data collected on this user, it is clear that she had been running a scam of giveaways and bundles for some time. As a result, some of the people who brought from Urbandoll Scam got refunds whereas some unlucky ones were left with no answer. 

According to the news available, it is found that after continuing her chain of catfishing and scamming people in the name of PR bundles and giveaways, she got her account suspended and was sent to prison. She is recently is out of it and is seen to be back on the social media platform. According to her post on Instagram, she underwent gastric bypass surgery too.

Concluding Remarks 

From all the information on the internet about the user, it is clear that Urbandoll Scam was one of the biggest scammers online. Nobody knows if what she did was intentional and planned, or was it all a string of bad luck. However, one thing is sure that she has been a massive reason for distress to many people. Visit here if you want to know about the Urbandoll and the scam associated with her


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15 thoughts on “Urbandoll Scam (March 2022) Deciphering The Truth Here!”

  1. I believe this scammer is back but using the name Alexis Onofre and Urban Dollz Lashes LLC.
    She doesn’t exist online, if you search her and we cannot find out an address for this company.
    They are widely promoting, people are buying and not receiving the product.
    They are also deleting their reviews and any negative comments on their social media profiles.

      • No, I did not. There are a bunch of people that have not, as well. I ordered March 4th.
        The problem is, this company is deleted all negative comments on their social media profiles.
        I have an email stating so from the ‘CEO’, this is so aggravating. What can I do?

      • I’ve also ordered from them over a month ago. I just emailed support and they’re asking me to wait another two weeks for my products.

  2. I’ve ordered from urban dollz lashes and though the orders took about a month to deliver, i did receive them and have been very happy with my purchase.

  3. I ordered 4-1-22 and it’s now 5-6-22. I sent multiple requests for a package update and all I get back are the robo messages asking me to be patient.

  4. I received mine 2 months later. Each time I asked them about my order (since there were no other email confirmation or shipping notices). They said wait a few more weeks.
    I havnt used them yet as I JUST received them and they weren’t the style I ordered. Lol

    I’ll never order again from them.

  5. I got my kit (90 dlls) received it 1 month later… lashes did not stay 1 day. I thought I was doing something wrong and re did them. Nothing it does not last 1 day let alone 2 weeks 😪

  6. I ordered mine. Took about a month or longer to arrive. Could NOT get them to work at all!! I reached out to customer service and they said they would send a replacement pair for the ones that were destroyed trying to apply them. As well as that they would do a one on one video chat with me to help learn to apply them correctly. I have scheduled TWO appointments and no one shows. The first time they messaged like 20 minutes after the video call and said “sorry can we reschedule I am not feeling well”… I Gave her the benefit of the doubt… And rescheduled. After the second video chat they still didn’t show up. I have now contacted customer service asking for a full refund and they have not responded. Terrible customer service, terrible product. Do not recommend anyone buying from them ever.


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