Icter Wordle {Sep} Explore Puzzle Answer With Hints!

This article focuses on all the details about the Wordle 442 Icter Wordle and further details about the spinoffs of Wordle. Follow us for the latest updates.

Are you confused about guessing the correct answer to Wordle 442? Were you able to solve the answer to Wordle 442? If not, this is a blog for you to get the correct answer with some clues and all the details about this online puzzle game.

This online puzzle game is pretty popular in the United States and CanadaThis is an unlimited fun puzzle game. To enjoy this game, players have to land on their official webpage, or they can play by install its application. Is Icter Wordle the right answer to Wordle 442? To get the complete information read the blog.

Answer and Clues of 442 Wordle game:

In this Wordle 442, the answer was quite tricky to guess the correct one from the five-letter word puzzle. Players struggled so much to guess the right answer that they guessed it, Icter, but their guesses were incorrect. The correct answer to Wordle 442 is ‘INTER’. 

Below are the following points to guess the correct answer:

  • The word had only two vowels.
  • Two vowel, ‘I’, is present in the first letter, and another one, ‘E’, is in the second last.
  • The first letter begins with ‘I’.

In this 442 Wordle game, players thought the answer could be Icter Game, but the correct answer is ‘INTER.’

The Wordle puzzle game:

Ever since this game was introduced among players, this game has become an obsession for many. Josh Wardle developed the word puzzle game. This game is pretty straightforward. 

Wordle is a web-based simple word puzzle game. The game offers a daily new word challenge where players have to guess the correct letter of the five-word puzzle. The game allows six attempts to solve the word mystery. The game may be straightforward, but solving the correct answer is complicated.

Similarly, players did find the Wordle 442 a bit hard as they guessed it to be Icter Wordle, but that was a wrong guess.

The Wordle gameplay:

  • The game provides a daily new puzzle of Words.
  • It allows its players to guess the correct letter of the five-word puzzle.
  • Players get hints to guess the five-letter word. 
  • The game provides only six tries to guess the hidden letters.
  • The game allows you to know the correctness of the guessed letter by changing its colour to Green, Yellow or Grey.
  • The letter with green means a correct guess, the letter with yellow means a placement error, and the letter with a grey colour means a wrong answer.
  • This game is simple and free to enjoy.

The alternatives of Wordle 442 Icter Wordle:

Stated below are the alternatives to the Wordle game:

  • Worldle: This game is inspired by the wordle game, but in this game, players have to guess the name of the country or territory within six tries.
  • Byrdle: This game is also similar to Wordle, where players are required to guess music words in just 6 chances.


The Wordle 442 puzzle was an average one. While thinking it to be easy, players did make a wrong guess. This blog provides every detail about the Wordle game. To get more updates on Wordle 442, you can click on this link. This blog shares every detail about the Wordle 442 Icter Wordle and further updates on the game of Wordle.

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