Neddy Wordle {August 2022} Know The Correct Answer Here!

This post on Neddy Wordle provided our readers with information on Wordle and guided them to solve today’s puzzle.

Have you stuck with Wordle again? Gamers worldwide, such as the United States, Australia, India, Canada, and United Kingdom, are addicted to this word game and are scratching their heads to get it right. The game enhances the guessing ability of the player while throwing challenges at them. Wordle each day updates a new 5-letter word open to guess in 6 attempts. This post on Neddy Wordle will clear your doubts.

Are you craving some hints to solve today’s puzzle? Read ahead this post to crack it.

 Is Neddy the correct answer 

Wordle has done it again! Though the web-based game helps the players learn and expand their vocabulary, sometimes it gets complicated to get the right word. One has to play smartly to crack the game. Its latest brain-teaser caught the players off guard.

Were you smart enough not to get confused? Do you think that you can solve today’s task, August 24? Well, here is the answer to Neddy Game, it is NEEDY! Were you able to guess it?

Most players get confused when there is a double letter involved. That’s the reason some lost their winning streaks today while trying to put double consonants in the word. However, there was a double vowel, as you can now see. Even though both words start with N and end with Y, it wasn’t Neddy. Today’s word had the most common letter that too in its double form. Hence the confusion! Needy is an adjective that describes a person in need. We will now share with our readers how they could have reached the correct answer through our hints.

Hints For The Neddy Wordle :

Today’s word of the day was challenging enough to confuse the players. These are some guidelines to make it easier to get to the answer. If you compare your strategy with these, you could easily make out it wasn’t that difficult. Take a look: 

  • The 5-lettered word starts with N
  • The word ends with Y
  • The word contains a repetitive Vowel
  • It is a describing word.

We sincerely hope this would have removed your confusion about the correct answer being NEEDY and not NEDDY in today’s Wordle word game. If you wish to learn more about solving puzzles on Wordle like today’s Neddy Wordle, please read further for some more guidelines in this report. Each day, Wordle puts a different word challenge, so try hard not to break your winning streaks.

  • There are limited attempts to guess the word.
  • Don’t waste time submitting meaningless words.
  • The green box shows the correct position of the proper alphabet.
  • Correct alphabet in an improper position is shown by yellow
  • Grey represents the missing letters of the word


To summarise this article, we have provided our readers with information regarding the Wordle game and offered our assistance in decoding today’s word and the correct answer to today’s confusing Neddy Wordle. Do click on the link  to know more.

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