How To Get To Melania Elden Ring {March} Find Ways!

This article goes over How to Get To Melania Elden Ring and defeat the hardest boss battle character in all Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is a medieval fantasy game that has managed to win the hearts of all gaming enthusiasts worldwide. The critics have described it as a masterpiece and a new genre reinvention. Fans from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and globally have praised it for great combat. Given the game’s difficulty level, there have also been walkthrough questions, especially on How to Get To Melania Elden Ring as she is considered the most difficult boss. This article will go over a whole walkthrough of how you can not only get but defeat her in combat.

The backstory of Malenia’s character

Malenia, in the mythos of Elden Ring, is one of the most powerful characters and is also a twin of Miquella. She has been lauded for her steampunk design with a metallic arm and leg, making her stand out character. Among the people of Empyreans, she is one of the most powerful characters there is.  

How to Get To Melania Elden Ring Is it necessary to fight her?

What’s unique about her is that it is a completely optional quest; henceforth, players have to go on a side quest. She is one of the most fun characters to fight against with her insane power levels and difficulty levels. Malenia can heal consistently, while every attack can weaken your health bar.

Is she the hardest boss in the game?

Yes, Melania’s difficulty level is set at peak levels, which is why it is not part of the main storytelling.

How to Get To Melania Elden Ring

To help you find this elusive boss, one has to acquire a magical medallion with Secret Haligrate. Then, find and go through the crystal lake cave in south Liurnia lakes. You can find it near the shoreline of the game’s map. Finally, there will be some powerful mini-boss you have to defeat to get the wolf shack.

Go through the cave area travel to the west side through swamps, reaching a wood structure. You have to get to the village through the terrain and will find Malenia ready to fight you. 

Ways you can defeat Malenia?

How to Get To Melania Elden Ring and defeat her can require a lot of skill with the right countermeasure moves. Here are just some of the measures you can use employee-

Using Duplication- She is known for incredible ferocity and ability to attack the player instantly, creating damage. Using Mimic tears can create a clone of yourself, allowing extra time and improved health to survive for a longer period. Upgrade your skill to levels 9 or 10 for the ability to match her powers.

Constant attacks-  Her one attack can destroy your health, so it’s best to keep attacking her consistently. If you do not allow her to attack, it might work out in your favour.


You have now learned How to Get To Melania Elden Ring and defeat her, ensuring your victory. She is one of the frustrating bosses to win considering her powers; however, defeating her can be quite satisfying. 

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