Bewitching Branch Elden Ring (March 2022) How To Get It?

The post talks about Bewitching Branch Elden Ring and elaborates on other details such as how to acquire it.

Games provide the platform to explore the road of possibilities and magic. Elden Ring is one game that has caught players’ attention across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The RPG game, which is action-based, revolves around exploration and combat.

However, something new is introduced in the game, using which you can turn enemies against themselves while you sit back and watch. It is possible through the Bewitching Branch Elden Ring.

Read the entire article to know how you can grab your hands on this consumable feature.

An Overview of Elden Ring

Before we explain in detail how you can get the bewitching branch, let us provide our readers with a sneak peek into the game Elden Ring. The game is a third-person action game located between the Great Runes and Elden Ring.

Herein, players are supposed to locate all Great Runes and restore back the Elden Ring to become the lord. In the coming sections, we will elaborate on Bewitching Branch Elden Ring and how you can use the feature to turn the game in your stride.

What are the Bewitching Branches, and How Can You Get Them?

While several consumables are available in the game, which gives players the power to get to the next level, the Bewitching Branches are unique and different among the many consumables.

The peculiar quality of the consumable is that it can turn any enemy into a friend for some time. Thus, you can use it on your opponent and pit them against one another. Besides, you have to be careful when choosing your opponent from the 14 FP to save yourself.

Bewitching Branch Elden Ring – How To Get It?

Here are a few ways through which you can get the Bewitching Branch which is as follows:

  • Purchase it giving some runes.
  • You can obtain it from a trader by traveling to Liurnia. The nomadic merchant is seen waiting at the north of Liurnia beside the cliff under the Bellum Church.
  • Herein, buy the Bewitching Branches in stake of five or one paying 1600 Runes.
  • Lastly, you can even craft the branches with the help of a Sacramental Bud combined with a Miquella’s Lily. But herein, for crafting the Bewitching Branch Elden Ring, you will have to also possess the Fevor’s Cookbook (3) that has the secret recipe for doing so.

Take Away

However, it is recommended that the players use the unique feature and consumable when there are many opponents. It will thereby help you in fighting them by using the consumable wherein the enemies are pitted against one another for some time.

Well, isn’t the feature a bonanza for players who have almost traversed all the difficulties and are on the verge of becoming the lord of Elden Ring

Do you want to update more about the Bewitching Branch Elden Ring? Did you find the Bewitching Branches and use its power? Then, let us know your views and experience in the comments section below.

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