How To Get Potion Marker {March} Find Detailed Steps!

Learn How to Get Potion Marker in the ‘find the marker’ quest! We present a step-by-step guide to finding the potion marker.

The search for the procedure to get the Potion Marker in the Roblox platform has been searched extensively for past 18 hours, specifically in the United States. There are many types of markers available on the Roblox platform. However, did you know that the concept of finding the marker was introduced in the Roblox more than eleven months ago? 

Let us find out how the concept of finding the marker originated, Where and How to Get Potion Marker in Roblox.

About Find the Marker:

Initially, the creator of ‘find the domos’ was inspired by the concept of the ‘battle for dream island’ web series. As a result, the creator had obtained exclusive rights to show the animated characters from the web series in ‘find the domos’ games.

Find the Marker game was launched on the Roblox on 11th April 2021 and updated on 12th March 2022. The game included the quest to find the Potion marker with the new update.

However, as the potion marker is permanently located in ‘Washable Kingdom,’ many players provided tips on where and how to get the potion marker. 

Steps on How to Get Potion Marker:

  1. From the starting point in the ‘Find the Marker’ game, climb up the stairs in front of the player. 
  2. You will find a clock tower in pink color and white borders
  3. Climb up the tower and try to reach a point just below the clock
  4. You will automatically enter the ‘Washable Kingdom’
  5. From the starting point in the ‘Washable Kingdom’ turn 160 ° to 180° to locate a brown tower with the fire lit in windows
  6. Climb up the tower
  7. You will find nine objects on two benches
  8. Take your phone and start recording your gameplay on How to Get Potion Marker, as five objects will shine in a specific sequence
  9. You need to select those five objects in the correct sequence FOUR times in a row to revile the potion marker
  10. You can go back to recording on your phone to check the sequence
  11. The potion marker will appear on a black coloured pot

On 11th March, potion marker was won by 9323 players, and overall, 208,599 players had won it to date. Unfortunately, the rarity of the potion marker is 0.5%, which is considered impossible to get. As of writing, Roblox did not include any guide on How to Get Potion Marker.

In Roblox, specific games are tagged and known as ‘find the domos.’ In such games, a player needs to find a specific object. Hence, such games are also popularly know as ‘find the’ games.


Similarly, there are many types of markers in find the marker quest. Currently, the quest in the game  is offering Potion Marker. Find the Marker game is favored by 557,920 users; there are more than 203 million visits per day; the game is categorized in the Adventurous genre on the Roblox platform. 

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