2022 Google Stock Split (March) What You Need To Know?

Everybody is talking about the 2022 Google Stock Split. People want to know when it will happen, and we are here to provide you with the answer.

The news has created a fuss among people in the United States and CanadaSingapore, and other countries.

Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google, announced the split of some of its stocks Google in February 2022. Before Alphabet rebranded itself in 2015, Google split its stocks by introducing a third class of shares.

However, now the Alphabet board of directors have decided to split the stocks. And when will the 2022 Google Stock Split? Read this article and find out!

What is Stock Split?

The concept of Stock Split is tricky yet easy. Companies split their stock to increase the liquidity of their stocks. They may split stocks when the market price per share gets so high that it becomes unmanageable when traded.

A stock split increases the number of shares in a company but also decreases an individual share’s market price.

Now that we have learned about Stock Split or Stock Divide let us learn about the Google Stock Split.

When Google Stock Split 2022?

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, announced on 1 February 2022 that the Board of Directors has approved the plans of a 20-for-1 stock split as a part of their quarterly earnings statements.

The company aims to split their Class A, Class B and Class C stock shares, but this still requires approval. After this news was released, it was reported that the stocks of Alphabet rose more than 9% in after-market trading.

When Google Stock Split 2022? As per the details shared by the company, it will issue 19 additional shares of every share owned by 1 July 2022; thus, the stock split will take into effect by 15 July 2022.

About Alphabet Inc

Alphabet Inc. is a US-based multinational technology company headquartered in California. It was created through the restructuring of Google in 2015 when it became the parent company of Google and its several subsidiaries. Some of them include:

  • Google
  • Google Fiber
  • Deep Mind
  • GV
  • CapitalG
  • Calico
  • Waymo
  • Wing and more

Alphabet is one of the Big Five American IT companies alongside Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Meta. 2022 Google Stock Split was announced by Alphabet Inc. on 1 February 2022.

Other Related News to Stock Split

Apple had announced its stock split almost one and a half years before Alphabet announced the stock split of Google. And following the trend, Amazon announced its stock split for the first time in almost 20 years.

And in one of Amazon’s statements, the company claimed that the stock split would give the employees more flexibility in managing their equity in the company by making the share price more accessible to invest in.

The Final Words

Thus, the 2022 Google Stock Split will be effective from 15 July 2022, but the shareholders will receive 19 additional shares by 1 July 2022.

Alphabet Inc.is the parent company of Google, formed in 2015 after the restructuring of Google.

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