How Much Snow Did Toronto Get {Jan} Explore With Stats!

If you are looking for How Much Snow Did Toronto Get this year, read this post and find the average snowfall stats in Toronto.

Having snowfall is adorable to watch and enjoy, but if it is not slowing down, it will become a threat to everyone since it gives trouble to access local channels as well. Currently, the United States and Canada are going through Mother Nature that really wants you, people, to stay at home. 

Yesterday, more than an inch of snowfall was recorded in Toronto that causes blockage on roads and requires closing schools and communities. So, let us see How Much Snow Did Toronto Get.

Toronto Recorded One-Day Snowfall Record

On Monday, snowfall was recorded in Toronto that created havoc on the roads and made it essential for colleges, school libraries, and community centers to close. Moreover, the transit services are highly impacted. For the first time, cops closed the Don Valley Parkway and the garden expressway to clear the stuck vehicles on the road and allow the snowplow access. 

On the other hand, Pearson airport recorded that half of the flights are canceled for departures and arrivals. The winter storm is still not going to stop. Approximately 40-60 centimeters of snowfall is recorded. So, How Much Snow Did Toronto Get is about 16-24 inches. 

Average Accumulation of Snowfall 

The following average stats can help you understand the snowfall accumulation for 2010 to 2019. The data is recorded under Toronto’s Pearson international airport. Let us see. 

Months Inches Centimetres (CMS)
January 9.4 24
February 13.3 34
March 4.4 11
April 1.8 5
November 2.3 20
December 7.9 100

When has Toronto had the first and last snowfall?

From November, snowfall arrived in Toronto but can start in October as well. In the last year, the season’s last snowfall was recorded in the month of April, although in some areas, it happened in May. Normally, Toronto is free from snow from June to September. 

How Much Snow Did Toronto Get?

Most of the time, snowfall recorded less than the 5cms, which is 2 inches of snow on the ground. However, the big snowstorms recorded over 10 cm of snow a day which is three times more than a year. Storms usually happen after a decade, most in the month of January. Here you can find the stats of total snowfall of at least 5, 10, to 20 centimeters. 

Months 5cm 10cm 25cm
January 2.5 0.8 0.1
February 1.6 0.7 0.0
March 1.2 0.4 0.0
November 1.6 0.5 0.0
December 7.7 2.7 0.1

 We hope you know How Much Snow Did Toronto Get? If you want today’s report, check here.  

The Bottom Line

Canada is the most popular country in the world not only for beautiful attractions but also for getting heavy snowfall. By reading the past few decades’ reports on Canada’s weather and snowfall, we found Canada’s states, such as Quebec and St. John, Newfoundland, with approximately 303-350 Centimetres of snowfall.

So, with the above discussion and statistics, I hope we are able to answer your query. However, you will need to check the news on the upcoming weather forecast. Thus, How Much Snow Did Toronto Get is about 16-24 inches.

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