What Does A Pink And Blue Ribbon {Jan} Find Its Purpose

What Does a Pink and Blue Ribbon? It is used for raising awareness for baby loss and infantile illness. Read to find out more.

There are certain ribbons that people tie on their clothes to show their support for a particular cause. Though prominent in the United Statesthese events are now followed throughout the globe. Today, we discuss one such ribbon- What Does a Pink and Blue Ribbon.

 The Ribbon model is significant in showing uniform support to a noble cause. There are several causes, and their respective ribbons are nowadays widely used. We shall be discussing the use of Pink and Blue Ribbon in this article. 

Awareness Ribbons and their Uses

There are two defined purposes for which Awareness ribbons have been used. These are awareness and resistance. Some colors and patterns are associated with certain issues. There are different colors in different countries and societies for variegated purposes. What Does a Pink and Blue Ribbon is also a question on this plane. 

For example, black striped ribbons are used for mourning something, but the thing that has been mourned is quite different. If you see, the victory of Allied forces in World War II is mourned in the former Soviet Union countries, but the same day is celebrated in the United States and certain European countries. There are uniform ribbons as well. For example, the Red ribbon raises awareness about AIDS worldwide. The Ribbon awareness could be traced back to the English Civil War, where a song of yellow ribbon was sung. 

What Does a Pink and Blue Ribbon: The Use and Purpose? 

Pink and Blue Ribbon is used for promoting baby loss awareness. This loss could be from various causes like loss during pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth, etc. The Baby loss awareness week is recognized from 1st October to 15th October. It is also used for raising awareness for male breast cancer.

 In countries like Australia, Canada, the US, and the UK, it is used during pregnancy and Infant loss remembrance day. Regarding infantile diseases and illnesses is also raised awareness for through the Pink and Blue Ribbon. This answers the question- What Does a Pink and Blue Ribbon.

Significance of Ribbons in Modern World 

Awareness ribbons are used to raise awareness and bring the community together for a noble cause. If you take AIDS, for instance, the day itself has brought millions of people together and formed a stiff resistance against AIDS and have shown their support for the medical programs. The charity has also been uniformed through such campaigns. 


Ribbons have always been a prominent method of raising awareness about a particular cause. Some ribbons are not just tied by the people but have, in fact, tied people and societies together. If you want to know What Does a Pink and Blue Ribbon, it is used to raise awareness for baby loss and infantile illness. To know more, see Pink blue ribbon awareness Images, Stock Photos & Vectors.

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