How Long Have Jason Momoa And Lisa Bonet {Jan} Find Year

Want to Know How Long Have Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet? Read this post and know the years of their relationship and their love story.

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet are parting away after five years of marriage and 16 years of relationship. This news is widespread, and lots of United States media houses are talking about the same. Their fans are talking about the reasons for their separation. So, are you thinking about the same? 

In this article, we will discuss their relationship and, most importantly, How Long Have Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet together

How Janson Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s Love Story Started?

To know the exact number of years they have dated each other and also their marriage, we shall look into their love story. So, let’s see. 

In 1987 Jason saw Lisa on his TV screen.

From Jason, it was love at first sight, but not much deeper than you think. In 1980 Bonet’s career was launched, and Jason was like he got his future wife, a dream girl that he would admire for his entire life. He said she was the queen of my life. 

So, How Long Have Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet been together? Read on.

In 2005 Jason and Bonet met at a Jazz club.

One night they both met at a jazz club. At that time, he was in an adrenaline rush and even decided to don a cool and matching hairstyle. Moreover, he had already decided on hair for her. He added I had dreadlocks, and she has dreadlocks. I see her, and she goes away. I swayed Bonet to take me to her home and later we stopped at the café shop, and we saw each other and love came up. 

In 2007 Both Had Their First Child

From 12 years ago, the couple welcomed their first girl child, Lola. She is now 13 years old. Now, How Long Have Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet lived together? It will be 3 years. Regardless, she was Bonnet’s second and Momoa’s first child. Their relationship became solid, and stars were sharing a good life with each other.

After 10 years, in 2017, the couple got married officially. The ceremony was held in California, United States. Then in 2019, they both co-ordinated at the Oscars. Then in the year 2021, they both have decided to separate. However, the reason is only that they started seeing transformations.

More than 14 years of their love and romance have shared an incredible bond together. Also, they have their first girl child. However, the actual reason is unknown. 

How Long Have Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet?

From their relationship started to their marriage, they both shared 16 years of relationship together. Now, they are parting their ways. Besides, if you are interested in reading out the whole love story, click here.  

The Bottom Line

Lisa Bonet was married to Lenny Kravitz from 1987-1993, and they have a daughter. From 2017-2022, Bonet married Jason Momoa, and they both have a daughter. However, Jason and Lisa were an incredible couple who shared a great life together, but now in the year 2022, they parted their ways and wanted to start a new life.

Do you know How Long Have Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet? It is 16 years old. What’s your opinion on this couple? Do you like them? Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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