Where Is Navarro Cheer {Jan} Again Rising For Fans!

The following research on Where Is Navarro Cheer will tell you everything about this team and their achievements.

People in many parts of the world live watching television series. If you are from the United States, then you must have heard about a cheerleading team from Navarro. Jerry Harris and his team have made his debut some years back.

Where is Navarro Cheer? Do you want to know the answer to this interrogation? If you are a fan of the cheer team from Navarro, this article will help you know everything about this team and where it is now.

Brief on the Cheer team

Cheer is a sports television American documentary started on Netflix in January 2020. Under the guidance of Monica Aldama, a cheer team of Navarro College has won around 14 National Championships. This team got six series and has around forty team members of the cheer team from the Navarro College in Texas. They have also won a five grand national award for securing the highest score in all competitions.

Where Is Navarro Cheer?

Navarro College’s cheerleading team has faced a lot since the last two years after the arrest of Jerry Harris, who was found the suspect in misconducting activities. But now the team is back full of surprises for their fans. The previous month, the famous platform Netflix announced the release of the second season of “Cheer”, a cheerleading team from Navarro College, Texas.

The sudden disappearance from the screen has made their fans curious to know about the team. So, now it is coming back with new team members. As per our research on Where Is Navarro Cheer, after the arrest of team leader Jerry Harris, the team will come up with new team leaders and members this time.

Why did Netflix choose the Navarro Cheer team?

The Navarro Cheer Team has not been chosen as a random team for the Netflix documentary series, but their work and talent of the team made it reach this height of success. Their amazing performances in the Cheerleaders Competition in Florida have made way for their success. Like the team that won fourteen national championships and five grand national titles, this was not easy for any other Cheerleading team. Our research on Where Is Navarro Cheer might have given an answer to all of your questions, and we hope it has helped you.

Episodes of cheer

This series has two series, the first was launched in January 2020, and another was launched in January 2022. The first season has six episodes, and they were launched on January 8 2020. God Blessed Texas, Making Mat, Hit Zero, etc., were some of the first season’s episodes. The second season was launched yesterday, on January 12, 2022. It has around nine episodes. Some of them are Hell week, Jerry, Tumbling.


Based on Where Is Navarro Cheer, we discussed everything about this team. If you haven’t watched their series till now, we recommend you to watch it as it is an interesting series that will motivate you. To know more details on the Navarro Cheer team, please check this link.

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