Hakura Patch Reviews (March 2022) Legit Product Or Fraud?

Here in this article, we will go through the Hakura Patch Reviews, and we will read all the essential details related to this patch.

Weight gain has become a very common problem among youth all over the world. These problems have arisen due to the changing lifestyles of people. People from the United States have always been interested in products that can boost their weight loss journey. But goes the famous saying, and it’s never too late. It is never too late for you too. You can start your health journey from today.

Many products have been launched in the market which can help you to lose weight. One such product is Hakura Patch, and in this article, we will give you Hakura Patch Reviews to determine whether this product will work or not for you.

What is Hakura Patch?

Hakura Patches are Japanese products containing many Japanese ingredients such as Banzai Mint (Shiso), some mineral oils, few essential oils, etc. These ingredients make the body feel more energetic and active and thus help in burning more calories. These patches should be used on the clean skin area. Then you should remove the plastic cover from the patch and apply it on any part of your body (preferably areas that have more fat). You can keep it for 3-4 hours. The Hakura Patch Reviews will be given in the next part of the article. These patches are more effective when used with controlled diet and exercise. 

Specifications of the product:

  • No of patches in one packet- 10
  • Total pcs- 90
  • Colour of the product- yellow
  • Material made of- Plastic
  • Manufacturer- Adame
  • ASIN- B098JJNK78
  • Best Sellers Rank- #52,529 in Beauty and Personal Care, #726 in Hair Brushes. 
  • Date First Available- July 2, 2021. 
  • Ingredients used- Banzai Mint (Shiso), Salicornia, Coptis Japonica, Natural Minerals, and Essential Oils. 

This was all about the product’s specifications, and we will go through Hakura Patch Reviews at the end.

Pros of the product:

We have enlisted the pros of the patch in the following points:

  • The product claims to penetrate through the skin and thus help as a catalyst in the fat-burning process. 
  • It is full of natural ingredients. 
  • Helps in weight loss

Cons of the Product:

  • There is no scientific proof that the ingredients used in the patches help in weight loss. 
  • Some people might experience certain side effects. 
  • Doctors do not recommend these products. 

Now we are done with the pros and cons of the product, and soon we will get to Hakura Patch Review. 

Is Hakura Patch Legit?

After reading all the essential details about this patch that helps in reducing the body’s fat percentage, now let us read about its legitimacy. 

  • This product is available on various shopping websites, including Amazon.
  • There are not enough reviews and ratings present about the product.
  • This patch is considered to be a herbal method of reducing abdomen fat.
  • has an overall rating of 3.8 out of 5.
  • The product is being manufactured by a company named Adame.
  • There is no evidence available about the Hakura Patch Reviews whether it helps reduce fat or not.
  • the product is not very popular on the internet.

After going through the above-stated facts, we can not suggest you guys use this patch for fat loss, and hence it is not sure whether this product works. Read here if you want to know how to check the legitimacy of a product. After reading about the legitimacy of this product, let us move on to an unbiased review of this particular product.

Hakura Patch Reviews:

As we already know that these patches are easily available on various shopping websites, and buyers can easily purchase this product from Amazon, but there is no evident information available about whether this product works or is helpful in any way to help reduce the fat from the abdomen.

There are no scientific researches about this patch that says that this product works or helps reduce fat from the abdomen. There are not enough customer reviews available about the product. However, we are not sure whether it works, maybe this product can work, but to see this, you have to take a risk and purchase it and then try it yourself.


In this very article, we have done the Hakura Patch Reviews, and we have thoroughly done all our research on this product. To see whether it works or not, but due to lack of customer reviews, we can not say much whether this product is beneficial in reducing fat or not, so to know this, you guys need to take a risk and use this product.

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  1. Menopausal weight gain is a huge problem for a lot of people and there’s not much help for us. Just cutting calories and eating healthy foods is not enough for most of us. In our later years of life we are not able to exercise like we used to due to other health issues with joint pain and muscle weakness. What solutions are available for us?

  2. Yes I’m willing to test run this product. But it also said it only works with healthy diet and exercise too. So what are we waiting for let’s give it a go all is yes people.


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