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This article will give you information related to Senate Bill 8, SB8 law, heartbeat bill and Profile Whistleblower Com

Recently in the United States, a law was announced in the state of Texas prohibiting the abortion of the fetus. Would you like to know more information about the bill? What are the provisions in the bill? Why are people in the United States protesting against the bill? What could be the effects of the bill?

We bring you all the details about Profile Whistleblower Com law in this article. So, let’s find out more information about it below.

What is Profile Whistleblower?

Profile Whistleblower .com is being referred to as Profile Whistleblower website. It is a website where people can anonymous report the abortion of a fetus after it has developed a heartbeat. People need to fill up a form on the website to report such instances. 

Current issues with Profile Whistleblower website:

  • The website is a .com domain. People are protesting as it will track the IP address of the users. 
  • The security issues with the Profile Whistleblower Com were also pointed out by an iOS user named Sean Black. Sean was able to submit fake information on the website from an iPhone by creating a script. 
  • Sean Black informed that the website blocks a user if he is found sending too many tips. 
  • People could report fake information on the website by using VPN. 

Due to such loopholes, people doubt if the identity of the person reporting such instance (or) the woman who had done abortion gets revealed.

Protest from Social media users:

  • Social media users, especially TikTok users, called for submitting fake information on the Profile Whistleblower Com to showcase their protest. 
  • Such social media users shared tips and videos on how to submit fake information about abortion. 
  • Their videos also showed that the website crashed after a massive number of such fake information was submitted.

What is Senate Bill 8?

The governor of Texas had announced the Senate Bill 8 to be effective from the 1st of September 2021. The SB8 law bans abortion of a fetus once the doctors detect its heartbeat (or) any instance when an illegal abortion is performed by any form of medical procedure (or) any means of helping pregnant women in abortion post six weeks of developing a fetus. 

Contradictions aboutProfile Whistleblower Com 

SB8 is currently popular as a heartbeat bill. 

  1. The primary contradiction about the bill is that there is no exception to abortion, even in incest (or) rape. 
  2. The national law gives full right to pregnant women for abortion with no restriction from the government.


Though the website made it clear that users’ data is safe and that the personal data will not be leaked (or) compromised, recent issues with the website had proved it otherwise. Such security issues lowered confidence of people. Social media users believe that Senate Bill 8  is a very aggressive law.

What are your views about the Profile Whistleblower Com website? Let us know by sharing your views on this website.

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