Hailey Bieber Pregnant Photos 2024: Read Now for the Latest Updates!

Here, the post will discuss Hailey Bieber Pregnant Photos and also their personal life. People from Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom are excited to hear the news.        

Is Hailey Bieber Really Pregnant?

Yes, pictures of Hailey’s baby bump are posted by Justin Bieber on his Instagram. In the photographs, Hailey’s baby bump is clearly visible, and the couple is seen as emotional. They were posing for the camera together.

He did not caption the pictures and just tagged his wife. Hailey also posted the same set of images on her account and tagged Justine. The photos are tending on social media.

They posted the pictures 12 hours ago. The post has received hundreds and thousands of likes & comments. From celebrities to fans, everyone is congratulating the couple.

In the past, Hailey has experienced a lot of ovarian complications. She had also undergone surgeries to remove cysts from her ovaries. She once stated that she is not new to ovarian cyst problems. She also suffered a mini-stroke in 2022, for which she was hospitalized. 

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Who are Hailey Bieber Parents & More?

Who are Hailey Bieber Parents

Full Name  Hailey Rhode Bieber (Balwin before marriage)
Popularly Known as:

Hailey Bieber

Date of Birth  22nd November 1996
Place of Birth Tucson, Arizona, United States,
Age 27 years old
Nationality American


Her father is Stephen Baldwin and her mother is Kennya Baldwin.
Siblings  Alaia Baldwin (sister) 


Details are not available


Model, Social Media Personality, Television Personality and a Socialite


 5 feet and 7 & half inches

Married Status Married in 2018
Spouse Justin Bieber
Weight  He weighed 92 Kgs


She is an Evangelical Christian

Brand Owner  She has a skincare brand Rhode

Hailey Bieber Met Gala 2024

Hailey Bieber Met Gala 2024

In the Met Gala 2024, Bieber couple did not attend the event. Thus, their fans were not unhappy. They were wondering why the couple did not go to the Met Gala because there were few consistent attendees at the event. 

However, despite being in the city, the couple skipped the event this year. After the recent revelation, they had a good reason for not being there. The couple is excepting their first child. 

As per the photos posted by the couple, Hailey looks over six months pregnant. Thus, she might avoid any stressful situations. When the couple did not appear at the Met, people were speculating about tough times in their lives.

Everyone was thinking that they might be facing troubles in their marriage life. However, these were treated as just mere rumours. On 9th May 2024, by posting a pregnancy picture, they cleared the air.

What is Justin Beiber Age?

Justin Bieber’s age is 30. He was born on 1st March 1994 in London, Ontario. He is a Canadian singer and pop star. He is the biggest name in American pop singing. He has made appearance in a lot of shows and event. Justin is a musician, singer, and songwriter. Justin is not an actor.


On 9th May 2024, Biber announced their pregnancy through their social media accounts. The fans are happy to listen to the news, and they wish the couple luck. Fans were also wondering why they missed the Met Gala this year. 

People at first did not believe the news. But when they saw the pictures of Hailey with a baby bump, they thought. Click here to learn more about Hailey Bieber.

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