Boeing Plane Crash Senegal Reddit Updates: How Many Boeing Planes Have Crashed till 2024?

Have you seen flight accidents happen at airports? Then, do you learn about the recent accident that occurred in Senegal, which shocked many countries like the United States and India?

It was a Boeing plane that underwent a fire accident and skidded on the runway, causing 10 people to be injured. This incident made headlines on social media.

So here in this article, we are going to background the real story of the Boeing Plane Crash Senegal Reddit in a detailed manner, along with data on how many Boeing planes have crashed so far.\

Boeing Plane Crash Senegal Reddit updates

On May 9, 2024, the Boeing 737 owned by Air Senegal was on the runway with 85 people to fly to the nearby country of Mali, and during the takeoff, suddenly, the plane’s wings fired, causing the flight to skid off in the runaway itself.

Some of the airport staff recorded the accident and uploaded it to social media, so the video went viral on the Reddit platform.

In that video, the fire on the flight can be visibly seen, and people are tired of escaping via the doors and emergency exit as well.

This plane crash resulted in the injuries of 10 people, including the pilot of the Boeing plane.

About Boeing Plane Crash Senegal Reddit updates

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Latest updates on the Senegal Boeing Plane Crash

Boeing Plane Crash Senegal Reddit is showcasing the latest information about this accident. Currently, many governmental authorities are coming forward to address this issue.

According to the news media, Transair operated the flight, and there were 79 passengers, six crew members, and a pilot.

The accident happened at the Blaise Diagne International Airport. The airport officials are still investigating the cause of the fire accident on the Boeing plane. It has been two days, but the reason behind the accident has yet to be discovered.

How Many Boeing Planes Have Crashed?

How Many Boeing Planes Have Crashed

The Boeing plane that got into an accident at this time in Senegal is the Boeing 737. If we look at the latest data, the Boeing 737 has undergone 529 aviation accidents, resulting in 5779 fatalities. 

If we look at the plane crash of Boeing 777 model flights, it is crossing over 700 accidents.

Due to his higher accident rates, many people are questioning the safety of Boeing flights. In 2019, the Boeing flight went on the verge of getting banned, but after negotiation, it wasn’t banned.

People reaction

Boeing Plane Crash Senegal Reddit hashtag is trending all over the internet. A total of 10 people were injured, and the rest were allowed to stay at the nearby hospital.

The news media interviewed those people, and they explained the situation and their reactions to the accident.

One person shared that when the plane skidded off the runway, he realized he was going to be dead and that his entire family was flashing through his mind. But thankfully, that person was alive.

What are the precautions to be taken by passengers when the plane skids off?

According to the pilot of one reputed flight, he shared the steps to be taken by the passengers during such flight accidents, which are:

  • Passengers should stay calm and wait for the captain’s decision.
  • If the captain announces the evacuation, the people should follow the instructions of the crew member.
  • For example, if the flight wings got fired on the left side, then the people should evacuate from the opposite side of the flight, and vice versa.


Boeing Plane Crash Senegal Reddit posts help people understand the situation in the Senegal region. So, it has acted as an awareness tool for people about flight accidents. 

However, it has also affected the fame of Boeing flights. Now, they have to provide a proper explanation for this accident. Click Here

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