Geneh Limited Reviews {Sep 2022} Is This A Scam Site?

Have you tried to accumulate appropriate Geneh Limited Reviews? If yes, then to overview this site, kindly read the passages below. 

Are you wondering whether to prefer for shopping or not? Do you know what this portal is all about? Every day many websites launch, claiming to deliver an enhanced customer experience. 

But, based on the investigation within parts like the United States, some portals were created by fraudsters to steal the money of innocent buyers. Therefore, this article will survey this portal based on its crucial factors, including age details, Geneh Limited Reviews, etc. 


Our investigation detected the website mentioning being involved since 2015 in producing outdoor gears and technologies. In addition, they further claimed to design, build, and supply products to buyers. Also, according to them, their main foundation is quality with a focused and active product developer system through which they deliver high-quality products. 

Thus, they announced their business name Genehlimited Sportswear, a UK-based firm selling fashionable products. However, we found that it auctioned T-shirts and casual shirts. So, now, let us notice the below paragraph containing some essential pointers to learn more about the website and expose Is Geneh Limited Legit?

Describing Specifications Of This Virtual Shop 

  • We scrutinized the portal’s URL as
  • Our investigation detected the social network icons of Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. 
  • After approval, the website announced to give the refund within upto seven days.
  • The investigation found no newsletter subscription facility. 
  • This portal deals with casual shirts and T-shirts. 
  • The site suggested making the returns within 14 days. 
  • They haven’t initiated the exchange facility yet, but the buyer can return the previous product and purchase a new one. 
  • Our Geneh Limited Reviews analysis showed that the website is only 27 days old because its registration date is 23-06-2022. 
  • They take payments through credit cards. 
  • The portal gives a free shipping facility upto orders US$59+.
  • We got two email addresses such as and
  • Their product delivery consumes 5 to 17 business days. 
  • +44 7309911214 is the telephone number given.

Advantages Served

  • The social icons are present.
  • We found a phone number and the office address. 
  • Our analysis detected two email addresses. 

Defects Found 

  • We found no newsletter option. 
  • The customers’ reviews over Trustpilot are unavailable. 
  • The website is now unprotected.

Is Geneh Limited Legit?

  • Website Age– Our examination found that this website’s enrollment date is 23-06-2022, explaining that it is 27 days old. 
  • Discounts Information– We determined that the shopping portal currently provides rebates on items that can trick any buyer. 
  • Trust Score– A suspicious 1% value is being fetched during our analysis on this portal. 
  • Shoppers’ Reviews– The survey detected no reliable Trustpilot reviews connected to this portal, creating huge suspicion amongst online customers. 
  • Social Media Connections– We found that the icons discovered over this portal have launched into social networks’ official websites, not on website-linked social platforms. 
  • Owner’s Information– Upon locating genuine Geneh Limited Reviews, the founder’s name has not been detected by us. 
  • Trust Rank– The portal grabbed only 0.5/100 value for this portal. 
  • Alexa Rank– While researching, we found only a 2649072 value for the site. 
  • Bulk-Buying Feature– This online shop provides bulk-buying options. 
  • Domain Expiry Date– 23-06-2022 is the suspension date of this virtual store.
  • Policies– We learned that the information seems fine, but it can be used as bait to trick. 
  • Address Originality– During the research, we found a new firm, Geneh Limited, situated at the declared location, but this website link or information is not connected with the company. 

What Are Verified Buyers’ Geneh Limited Reviews?

During the research, none of the legit portals, including Trustpilot, had any buyers’ reviews. Also, the portal contained no feedback, which altogether raised queries. Moreover, the values detected for this site don’t seem reliable, and none of the social links is working accurately. 

Therefore, we recommend that buyers pause shopping or not consider this portal for now since it hasn’t achieved any reliable comments. Realize essential facts on the PayPal tricks here

The Concluding Thoughts

This writing displayed all the required information, including Geneh Limited Reviews, and observed that is questionable. Thus, you must search for more reviews as we can’t define its authenticity now because it is new. Learn more informative strings on credit card fraud here. Find more details on T-shirts here

Had we concluded appropriately? Please give your query below. 

16 thoughts on “Geneh Limited Reviews {Sep 2022} Is This A Scam Site?”

  1. I was duped into an online store selling air conditioner at a very low cost. I unfortunately ordered one and received shipping info for my order. The shipping info was bogus and I emailed the company site. Their reply was it was delivered and I would have to contact shipping company which was not provided. I have been requesting a refund but to no avail. This is definitely a scam operation!!!

    • Hi Patrick Nuhfer, Thanks for letting us know about your views and suggest that you thoroughly check the website before making any purchase. Many online stores claim to sell items on false information. So, it’s better to remain to vary or do some research. Stay safe!

  2. Scammers – I was dupped and buying KitchenAid Appliances Unbelievable Price, never received the goods cannot get in contact with any one regarding order.
    was a Facebook add Links to the site are bogus. Credit card charged. Thieves

  3. I, too, appear to have been duped. I ordered and paid for a GE Ice Maker. The tracking shows delivery to a CALIFORNIA residence. I live in KANSAS. I have exchanged emails with a “Stripe” company who keeps saying the package was delivered, suggesting I “check with neighbors” . California is thousands of miles from KANSAS. I will never see my money again. Such dishonest people in this world. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM.

  4. Definitely a bogus company, thing is the add didn’t appear under their name, however they pocketed the money. Now they make excuses that they can not track an overseas purchase. That’s definitely the last time I made an online ‘purchase’

    • Hello teresa, we appreciate your views on our blog and propose many readers got tricked by this questionable website. You need to further research that indicates the site’s authenticity. Stay safe!

  5. I ordered from them and got scammed..states unit was delivered but shows delivered 600 miles away..from my address..emailed them multiple times and they say was delivered.was told to get ahold of post office…Post office stated they need to do that not me…asked for refund and nothing..learned never to order online..BIG SCAM

  6. I ordered a machine months ago and I have not received it and I have been charged $76.00 and I have asked for a refund numerous times with no response I am really sick of waiting if I do not receive a refund within one week I will take it further

  7. In July I order an ice maker to be shipped to Decatur, ala 35601, it said my package was delivered in august to address on Texas..I have 25 emails that keep said give them 7 days , with same tracking number, I guess I was dumb , this is a. Scam.. lost my money.


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