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The main aim of this article on Definition Urite was to help you understand #396 Wordle better.

What is Urite? Why do we need to know about it? Is Urite related to yesterday’s Wordle? Read further to get your answers to these questions. People from the United States are eager to know what this word means. Urite was a hint which was used for yesterday’s Wordle. Yesterday’s Wordle’s answer was hard to guess. Read further about Definition Urite to get better and more comprehensive information about this word. 

What is Urite? 

Urite acted as a hint to wordle #396, which was yesterday’s Wordle. This answer to this Wordle was not an easy guess; hence players all over the globe had to take a lot of guesses to get the right answer; there were various hints provided to the players, one of which was Urite. What is Urite? Urite is one of the segments of the abdomen or postabdomen of an arthropod. This is related to zoology, a part of an insect’s body. Read about Definition Urite to get a better understanding of the topic.

What is Wordle? 

It seems an online platform that Josh Wardle settled. This game was developed for his private practise; today, Wordle is available for people across the globe in different languages. The game was distinguished when Josh decided to gift the game to his partner. Famous company, The New York Times subscribed the game from him; since then, Wordle has been obtainable for everybody. Today this game is played by thousands of people across the globe; it is available in many languages. Players from all age groups play Wordle. 

More About Definition Urite

Urite is a hint for Wordle 396. As discussed above, Urite is one of the segments of the abdomen or postabdomen of an arthropod. It is a body part of an insect. The answer to yesterday’s Wordle was Trite. Trite means lacking originality or freshness; it means dull due to overuse. Urite rhymes with the word trite. This is how both these words were related to each other. Urite acted as an excellent hint; it made it easier for the players to predict the right answer

How is Wordle Played? 

Wordle is a straightforward game that gained a lot of fame in no time. Definition Urite helped the players guess the true response. Worlde is an easy game; the rules are as follows. When you place the wrong word, it turns grey. As soon as you put the right word, it turns green, and when you place the right word in the erroneous place, it goes yellow. It is an easy game with pretty simple rules. 


Urite was a big hint for yesterday’s Wordle. It helped the Wordle players. Wordle is a game that increases the knowledge and vocabulary of a person. So people all over the world enjoy and suggest playing this game. Definition Urite helped us improve our vocabulary. Read here to know more about Urite,

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