Full Video of Alligator Attacking Woman: How It Went Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter media? Check Now!

Find the factual details of the Full Video of Alligator Attacking Woman in this article. Read to be safe from this trouble.

Are you looking for the alligator’s latest attack on an older woman? The news of the incident had reached numerous public concerns about safety. The incident happened in the busy city of Florida in the United States

Since the incident was captured on camera, the footage is circulated on social media. After looking into the Full Video of Alligator Attacking Woman, people fear wild animals getting access to the city. Read and learn about the incident.

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The content of the viral alligator video

An alligator attacked and killed an older woman, around 85 years old. The incident captured on the camera shows that she was trolling with her dog, and an alligator attacked her dog initially. In the urge to save her dog, she got caught and dragged into the water by the wild alligator.

The video circulated and became Viral On RedditSeveral threads were created on Reddit, and people are curious to know the officials’ actions.

More information regarding the incident

The incident occurred outside the Spanish Lake-Fireways near the retirement community at Fort Pierce, Florida. A severe accident approached a woman and her dog on 20th February 2023. 

The older woman was supposed to stay nearby and walk with her dog. People are mourning her demise on Twitter. The woman seemed to be struggling to save her life by trying to hold something near to her. Unfortunately, there was nothing to hold on to.

The witness of the incident

The clip shows that some public on the spot is trying to save her from the alligator. But they were unsuccessful. The presentation on Youtube confirmed that Carol Thomas is the person who tried to pull her back from the alligator attack. 

Aftermath, the instant action was taken by Henry, the other witness. He quickly called 911 and alerted the officials regarding the incident.

The reaction of the public to the social platform

Citizens were in shock after watching the clip. Many people in TikTok praised an old lady for her love for her dog, revealing his bravery. The Public appreciated her sacrifice for her pet dog. 

Some furious public is curious about the official’s immediate steps after the incident. Below is the instant actions taken.

The instant action by the officials

FWC (Florida fish and wildlife commission) responded to the incident immediately. The team was developed to capture the alligator responsible for this attack. In due time, the alligator was captured and handed over to the forest government for further steps.

Instagram viewers expect the officials to be strict in preventing such incidents in the future.

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The alligator attack on an older woman was unexpected. Now, an alligator is caught by the officials. Unfortunately, the woman had died, and people are mourning her death.

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Full Video of Alligator Attacking Woman–FAQs

Q1. What was the length of an alligator? 

11 feet. 

Q2. What was the name of an elderly lady?

Gloria Serge

Q3. Is the video accessible to the ordinary public?

Yes, it is present on all social platforms like Telegram.

Q4. Where was the alligator caught?

The FWC officials noticed the alligator. It was resting deep in the water of the river.

Q5. Who is in the family of Gloria Serge? 

There is no knowledge regarding her family members.

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