Gloria Serge Alligator Video Reddit: Check What Happened To Gloria Serge? Also Find What Is In The Video Viral On Reddit, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter

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Footage of an alligator killing an elderly woman went viral and gained huge viewership in Philippines and the United States. It is because alligators attack on humans is rare. Alligators are found in large water bodies isolated from human population. Hence, they generally feed on animals and fish. But, once an alligator tastes human blood (or) attacks them, they will attempt it regularly. 

Let’s learn about Gloria Serge Alligator Video Reddit.

About video posts on Reddit:

As of writing, 11 posts related to alligators attacking Gloria Serge were present on Reddit. Two Reddit posts were related to community pages with exclusive content related to accidents, deaths, murders, Etc. One community post featuring an uncensored video was removed per Reddit community guidelines. Another post was present on one of NSFW Reddit groups.

Posts Viral On Reddit were upvoted by 6,383(+154% increase since 24-Feburary-2023) and included 1,529 comments(+138% increase since 24th-February-2023). Most of Reddit posts redirected users to unauthentic websites. Redditors shared links to news and knowledge-based websites to avoid posting disturbing (or) offensive pictures and videos that may be removed by Reddit bot (or) admin. 

  • Presence of alligator attack videos and blogs on Telegram is undetermined. Reddit posts discussed initial call made to 911 by Gloria’s terrified neighbour – Carole Thomas, 
  • Few posts discussed alligator captured on 23rd-February-2013 by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officials, 
  • Few Reddit posts discussed suffering of Gloria, her family, neighbours, and terrified community, 
  • Other posts discussed actions taken by FWC and police and further preventive measures.
  • On Instagram, only one post was present about alligator’s attack, and
  • Few Reddit posts discussed well-being of pet dog and commented – who cares about dogs compared to humans losing their lives, there should be some news related to pet dog.

About alligator attack:

Gloria Serge was resident of retired community situated in Fort Pierce, southeast Florida. On Youtube, there were 106 videos related to alligator’s attack. She had five children and seven grandchildren. 

She was enjoying her life after retirement. At approximately 12:00 noon on Monday, 20th-February-2023, Gloria was walking her pet dog near Spanish Lakes Fairways.

An alligator measuring 4.2 meters (or) approximately 13.77 feet and weighing approximately 650 pounds leapt out of the lake and tried to attack Gloria’s pet dog. Twenty-five videos and blogs on Twitter were found about alligator attack.

Gloria managed to save her dog, but in the struggle, Gloria fell, and alligator attacked Gloria. The incident was witnessed by Carole, who immediately called 911. 

Carol did not have any means to save Gloria. Within seconds, alligator submerged Gloria into the lake. The FWC captured alligator after an extensive search at bottom of the lake as per few social media posts related to Gloria Serge Alligator Video Reddit. As preventive measures, FWC deployed drones to get an aerial view of the lake to identify existence of any dangerous reptiles.

Social media links:


Carole was distraught with fear when she witnessed alligator attacking Gloria. She reported it immediately to 911. On the call, Carole reported that Gloria was alive. Still, within 16 seconds of call, Carole cried out that alligator had pulled Gloria into the lake, which was quick enough and hence, Gloria did not receive any help.

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Gloria Serge Alligator Video Reddit – FAQ

Q1. Where was Gloria’s body found?

At the bottom of the lake.

Q2. Who captured the video of the incident?

It was recorded on Wildlife CCTV surveillance cameras.

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