Frank’s (Aug 2021) Read About A New Website!

Frank’s (Aug 2021) Read About A New Website! >> Please read this news report to learn about a website launched by a famous entrepreneur and the current controversy.

The governmental elections are conducted with security and technology of the highest standards. Yet, we often hear about some controversy or the other associated with the voting system. In the recent past, the United States and Canada citizens have witnessed a significant election process, whose verity is now being discussed by a renowned speculator who deals with conspiracies. 

So, without further ado, please read this news report to be aware of Frank’s and the cyber conference related to it. 

Who Is Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell is the CEO and founder of a company that manufactures bedding-related items, known as My Pillow, Inc. He has been one of the advisors and strong supporters of former US President Donald Trump. Although struggling between education and addiction in his early years, Mike became a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Recently, he has come to the highlights for his say regarding the genuineness of an electoral process. He also launched an open social media platform called Frank’s, which we have discussed in detail shortly. 

Controversies Regarding The 2020 Elections

The 2020 US Presidential Elections chose Joe Biden as the new leader of the country. However, Mike Lindell opposed the results and said it was the most significant cybercrime ever that manipulated the votes. 

He claimed that foreign hackers bugged the computers calculating the votes. However, the election officials negated this allegation and reported to the news agencies that there was no such incident as the computers were not connected to the Internet at all.

Read further to know about Frank’s The officials added that they rechecked the votes, and they were correctly tallying. 

When he began spreading his voice concerning the so-called fraudulent elections, he and his company were permanently banned by Twitter for violating the rights related to information. He somehow wanted to reach out to the citizens to convince them what he believed.

He bought airtime of three hours to be broadcast at the One America News channel, but that also was threatened legally. Finally, he decided to open a forum of his own to put forward his views freely.


Mike Lindell released the subject website in April 2021 to disclose the counterfeit in the election process, as claimed by him. According to him, it was a hybrid of Twitter and YouTube. However, it was soon shut down due to some technical issues, which he said were a way to stop him. He relaunched the portal in May 2021through a meeting at the Corn Palace. 

Mike Lindell and his team arranged a cyber symposium from 10 to12 August 2021. He announced via a commercial that the 72-hour video would be streamed live on his website. 


Frank’s is named from the notion of “being frank”. Despite attempts by web developers to call this platform underdeveloped and erroneous, the entrepreneur continues to reveal his beliefs regarding the Elections through this forum. Many followers on Facebook have seconded his views as well. You can browse through Mike Lindell’s Facebook page  to know more.

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