Write for Us Football: The Latest 2023 Standards!

Are outdoor sports activities the most desired topics you want to contribute to? Since football lovers worldwide understand these sports activities more profoundly, including football through online resources, your content contribution will fulfill their requirements.

Once your content has the consistency to get broadcasted through our portal, many football enthusiasts and industrialists alike will reach out and read your content. When you want recognition as a content contributor and build a strong reputation, you may deliver your Write for Us Football content to us.

Who are we?

Our web provides useful facts about many industries and sectors to the global audience. Marifilmines works harder with its team to maintain the quality and reputation of its internet portal.

People worldwide get many options through our site, such as gaining knowledge on the topic or sector they want and getting useful information and topics published. The industries that we cover topics and categories through our reputed portal include website reviews, product reviews, digital currencies, electricity, sports, pets, home and garden, self-improvement, environment, Write for Us + Football, and many other useful categories.

So, get your hand on these categories or choose your preferred one and get noticed among the global content creators.

Writing Guidelines and Criteria:

  • We credit the content creators who impart usefulness in the information they deliver through posts on football.
  • Precision in syntax, spelling, sentence structure, and other formatting requirements is mandatory for our platform.
  • You must add an introduction, relevant information on football, a conclusive paragraph, and a description to your content.
  • The font mandated for our content publication is size 12, Times New Roman, justified, and 1.5 line spacing.
  • Giving your Football Write for Us topic a relevant title will make readers open the content and check the provided information.
  • Football-related content would be highly appreciated, quickly verified, and published on our portal.
  • Our team often provides keywords upon request, and using them accordingly or as suggested will help your content get a larger audience’s attention. Limit the word gap of 80 to 90 words when placing suggested keywords to your football topic.
  • Precise structure and formatting are essential when delivering your content or posting on football. The accuracy comes when you add bulleted and short paragraphs in your “Write for Us” + Football topic with precise headers, sub-headers, and accurate sentence structure.
  • Plagiarism is always refrained from our content since such content may get rejected. Copied content is completely discouraged on our internet portal. But, between one and three plagiarism percentage is acceptable only for the external site link.

SEO Standards:

  • SEO standards, including usage of transition words and other requirements, must be fulfilled to abide by the criteria set by Google algorithm. It will help your football topic rank well in SERPS or search engine page results.
  • Active voice is always encouraged to be implemented in any Football + “Write for Us” topic posted on our portal since readers do not show interest or continue reading until the post’s end when the topic includes much passive voice.
  • The information in your football topic must be covered in approximately 1500 to 2000 words.
  • Offensive, inappropriate, illicit, or content displaying anger, aggression, or violence will never get approved. Since sensitive content may harm the feelings of readers they may feel insulted when you misuse your content for such exhibition. 
  • The character count should be 50 to 56 for the topic’s title, while the description should fall between 90 and 160 words.
  • The usefulness of the information is often displayed when the Football “Write for Us” topic contains details of game rules, football rankings, the best teams, 
  • Grammar scores of your football topic should not be less than 98 when checked through premium online tools.

Can people benefit from contributing to football topics?

  • Many contributors can immensely gain and benefit when the football topic is noticed and read by people associated with the football industry, players, and entrepreneurs.
  • Since our portal has a significant readership, our more extensive audience base will automatically read your football post.
  • There are many choices to connect with football industrialists and individuals looking for content creators for Write for Us Football.
  • Your football topic would be highly appreciated and read when it includes relevant facts about the sports activity, and the topic covers all that a reader might find helpful.
  • You can also uplift your writing tone, skills, quality, and creativity when you get assistance from professionals and experienced content creators.
  • People will also share the football information you provided, making your content move across many individuals and businesses.

Topics on Football:

  • Football industry and its history
  • Write for Us + Football
  • Ranking systems
  • Rules and regulations of football
  • College events and FIFA
  • Football league and goal-line technology
  • Development of the football industry
  • Significant teams and players of football
  • Fitness and strength required for football
  • Essential football equipment

Where to deliver Write for Us + Football topics?

You can deliver your football topic, and the content is posted on our site after it has gone through a quality check and verified for the rules compliance. So, thoroughly study the football topic and send it to the official mailing address.

Our quality control will evaluate the topic and approve only the content that exhibits relevance, precision, accuracy, and content creation. When guidelines are rigorously followed, and quality is maintained throughout your football topic, our team will follow up and explain the further “Write for Us” + Football publishing process.


Writing a football topic for Marifilmines will prove advantageous since our larger readership will review your content. Once you have decided and completed writing an intriguing topic on football, you must deliver it to infomarifilmine@gmail(dot)com.

Therefore, consider the standards and guidelines suggested in this write-up and send us a relevant topic on football to get it posted on our portal to establish yourself as a notable content contributor.

Does your Write for Us Football content abide by all rules and standards informed by us? Share if you want to get it noticed by our global audience base.

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