Write For Us Software: Understand All The 2023 Rules!

Are the software industry’s challenges well-recognized by you? Although the software industry necessitates challenging information that everyone cannot comprehend or discuss. However, a few knowledgeable individuals are well-informed about the sector and have immense knowledge that people can benefit from.

If the software industry is your preferred sector that you want to share information about, our platform welcomes you to spread your knowledge. Many publishing networks disperse content, but rarely all can give recognition to the contributors. Our platform provides choice to contributors to gain recognition by writing quality content on Write For Us Software

What is Marifilmines?

A digital network, Marifilmines is a venture that perfectly exhibits valuable information content creators contribute. Its vast network reach helps contributors gain fame and recognition in the digital world and among the countless content creators.

People who wish to join the digital content industry can engage with us to let their content get noticed across the globe. Our non-biased informative topics help online readers and global readerships gain useful facts for their knowledge.

Our vast web traffic and returning readership benefit our content contributors the most. We do not need expertise from content contributors; we need to sharpen your writing skills, help you maintain guidelines, and follow the suggested guidelines. 

Criteria for Write for Us + Software:

  • Writing on software needs specific knowledge and deep insight into the industry. People looking to contribute to software topics must understand the sector well.
  • Accuracy and preciseness are what we look for in content delivered to us. Mastering these capabilities will help your content gain quick approval from our experts.
  • You may include details of the software industry, applications and programs used, information on Java scripts, or certification requirements for the sector in Software Write for Us topic.
  • Structuring precise content, including short sentences and paragraphs, line spacing, bulleted content for a few facts, headings and sub-headings, and much more, will help your content look intriguing. 
  • Precise structure makes the reader follow the flow and continue reading your software topic until the end. Users’ interest does not break when the content flow is well-structured, engaging, and creative.
  • Font style, line spacing, and other structural guidelines must be followed as suggested by our experts. Times New Roman size 12, with 1.5 line spacing and justified content, are a few standard formatting rules for your software topic.
  • Precise and relevant titles to your “Write for Us” + Software topic will help online readers check the included information. They will look at what information is included and, once they find it useful, will check through it.
  • Offensive words, illicit information, or any phrases depicting violence or aggression are strictly forbidden on our web portal. 

SEO Standards for Writing Software topic:

  • The software topic you sent us must contain a minimum of 1000 words and not exceed 1500 words. Word restriction or limitation is among the most crucial aspects of SEO since Google’s algorithm ranks the content well when its numbers are as suggested by them.
  • The content title must have 50 to 56 characters, while the descriptive line on the top must have 90 to 160 characters.
  • A word count gap between every keyword used in Software “Write for Us” topics must be a minimum of 80 words or up to 90 words.
  • Marking the keywords blue, highlighting them with blue, and making external links green and highlighted are also among the ideal SEO practices.
  • The content ranks on the top search pages following fundamental SEO guidelines. It makes your software topic reach the top of the SERPs or search engine page results.
  • Plagiarism or copied facts from similar online sources are not accepted to be published on our web portal. The accepted percentage from one to three is only acceptable for the external links you add to your Software “Write for Us” topic.
  • Active voice usage must be significant in your entire content, and passive voice must be limited as it may distract online readers or cause them to lose interest in your software topic.

Advantages of writing software topic:

  • Your practical knowledge of software will help many engineering students, software professionals, engineers, and others regularly check your content.
  • Recognition is given to contributors by many entrepreneurs and software professionals when they go through the accurate and relevant content in your software topic.
  • You may also choose to get employment with the firm or become their regular Software + “Write for Us” content contributor.
  • Your skills, writing quality, formatting style, and other writing capabilities are enhanced when we ask for your regular content contribution to our web portal.
  • Your content will be shared and read by professionals, software sector experts, and others, bestowing on you the fame and distinctiveness you always wished for.

Topics on software:

  • Software development
  • Software testing and artificial intelligence
  • Software architecture, design, and testing
  • Operating systems and distributed computing
  • Coding and algorithm
  • Programming languages

How do you contribute to software topics?

When you wish to join us for “Write for Us” + Software content contribution, you must write a topic on software and send it to us on our ID, adhering to the standards and norms suggested here. Our experts will then assess whether the criteria we set are followed.

When the criteria are followed and guidelines are maintained, we will proceed further with the publishing process after contacting you.


The software industry needs crucial facts to include in the topics published online. Therefore, if you are well-versed with software systems, programming, and other associated points, you may contribute the content through our site.

So, prepare yourself and create an intriguing Write For Us Software topic and send it to us. The email ID where you need to send the software topic is infomarifilmine@gmail(dot)com.

Are you knowledgeable enough to contribute content on software? If so, share your contribution and details for our digital platform and get noticed.

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