Four Roles in Event Planning You Didn’t Know Existed

As anyone in the world of event planning will tell you, there are some significant perks to working in the field, not least seeing your work come to life and delighting clients and customers. The cliche, though, is that to plan events, you have to be a bubbly extrovert who is constantly liaising between different people to make things happen and ensure everything goes off without a hitch. Actually, though, there are dozens of roles that pull together events, whether they’re small in scale or large in ambition. This article is about those roles and how you can secure one for yourself. 

Application Support

In the digital era, no event is marketed purely offline. Many are online-only in a world that has adjusted to remote work and social distancing. As such, there is always an element of programming involved in event planning, whether that’s ensuring a website runs smoothly or working on an app in the event planning space. You could become an application support engineer building apps and websites to assist in the planning of events and work in this exciting industry using coding skills to build platforms for people to interact upon. 


Many events require people on hand who are excellent at planning and logistics. Indeed, having these skills is regarded as paramount for many roles in the industry. Being able to plan out the delivery of materials, the distribution of tickets or the line-up on a stage are all crucial to seeing an event go off without a hitch. As such, if you have experience in delivering logistical support in a fast-paced role, a sideways move into events planning could be an excellent match. This is a highly rewarding field in which there is great excitement when your skills and efforts come to deliver five-star events. 


Just as in the digital world, there is always room for a programmer, in the events world, there is room for a technician. Many events use music and lights to dazzle audiences, and these need to be set up by engineers who know how to make these complex systems work flawlessly on the day of the event. While technicians often work in events-adjacent fields, it’s easy to make the hop into events. You can simply contact someone in the field for work, and you’re likely to be called upon for projects that require your set of skills. 


Finally, agency work is often crucial in bringing events to life. Whether it’s a black-tie dinner with silver service or a party that requires a temporary bar to be set up, agency workers are the unsung heroes of the events scene. If you’re working in a staffing agency, this is a huge opportunity to get the people on your roster into casual, temporary work that could be extremely rewarding. And if you’re looking for such work, you should find an agency that specializes in the events space. 

These roles are all up for grabs to those who are interested in the fast-paced, exciting world of events planning. 

Application Support

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