Droil Wordle {June} Is It A Hint Or Correct Answer?

Read the Droil Wordle article for today’s Wordle 374 answer. Then, learn about the Wordle game and its gameplay.

Another happy morning to the Wordle game lovers. Are you trying to solve today’s Wordle 374? Do you feel confusing about guessing the right word? Then, we are here to help you eliminate the confusion in cracking today’s puzzle which is tricky some.

Wordle game has earned its popularity in recent times. The game has a huge fan base in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and India. Players are addicted to the game once they are played. Solve your puzzle reading the below written article Droil Wordle

Hints and clues for Wordle 374:

Playing Wordle is a healthy exercise for the brain. Today’s Wordle answer is a bit tricky for some and quite easy. Let us help you by providing some clues in figuring out the correct five-letter word. Hints are as follows:

  • The word starts with the letter “D.”
  • The word has a vowel “O” in between.
  • The meaning of the word is an adjective for funny.

 Let us free you from excitement, and the answer for today’s wordle 374 is “DROLL.” Most players are left in a dilemma between the words Droll or Droil. Players are getting tangled about whether there a Droil Game exists. Droil is the hint to wordle 374.

No such game exists in the play store, and the word Droil is different from the answer. Do you have an idea for a Wordle game? Let us share with you the details of the game and its gameplay.

Wordle game

Wordle is an online word game for players. The game is addictive, so players cannot neglect the puzzle until they solve it. The game earned its fame the last October 2021.

Developers release every new puzzle clock struck midnight. New York Times has taken the right to publish the game daily, similar to today’s Droil Wordle. 

Josh Wardle developed the Wordle game. Fans have created several clones from Wordle games like Quordle, Dordle, and many more. Every game has a specific set of rules and lets us learn the gameplay of the Wordle game.

Wordle Gameplay

Let us learn how to play the wordle game and follow the below-written steps.

  • Players are given six chances to guess the correct five-letter word.
  • The green color of the tile indicates guess is correct.
  • The yellow color of the tile indicates guess is right but wrongly placed.
  • The Grey color of the tile indicates guess is wrong.

Droil Wordle

Droil is a similar word to Droll when it is pronounced. Players are scrolling on the internet, searching for the difference between both words. Droil word is related to work slowly, and the answer is quite apart from the meaning. Playing Wordle helps to learn new words every day and improves our vocabulary. Hope we have made you escape the dilemma between two similar words.


In the article, we have shared the hints and the answer for today’s wordle 374. You can learn about the Wordle game and its gameplay. Click here for today’s Wordle answer 374.

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