How to Get Forbidden Marker (June 2022) Know The Steps

Gaming Tips How to Get Forbidden Marker
Do you want to know about the steps to get Roblox Marker? If yes, then read the below article How to Get Forbidden Marker.

Do you want to know about the forbidden marker in the game Roblox? Do you know what Roblox is? If yes, then its great; if not, don’t worry. In this article, you will get to know about both the forbidden marker as well as Roblox. Roblox is a very well-known and popular game.

It has various updates, and day by day, it is becoming more popular among people, including people of many countries like the United States, Canada, and many more. So, without wasting much time, let’s begin the article How to Get Forbidden Marker.

Steps to get Forbidden Marker

  • If you want to get Forbidden Marker in the game Roblox, you first need to enter the forest; in the forest, you must go to the happy house.
  • Once you enter the happy house, you will go to the red mat. You will find a wild marker near the red or red mat. 
  • When you are on the red mat, you must click the chat button on your screen. Then type “I hate wild card”. 
  • You will be transported to a room as soon as you type the line. 
  • How to Get Forbidden Marker in Find the Markers; we are about to answer this question. Keep reading. 
  • You will see a white door; you have to go near that door and open it. 
  • After all this, you have to complete a new task which will be to complete a maze. 
  • In the maze game, you must keep yourself safe from the Wild Card because it will kill you immediately if it touches you. 
  • In the maze, you have to find your path through the randomized walls keeping yourself away from the reach of Wild Card.
  • Once you find the path enter it, and the Forbidden Marker will be Infront of you.

How to Get Forbidden Marker – Why is it trending?

In the game Roblox, the forbidden marker is becoming trending these days because it is the new task that must be performed to move further in the game. Forbidden Marker in the game looks like a red marker whose cap is designed uniquely. 

The marker’s cap is in an octagon shape and is also red. In addition, you can see a white line on the outline of the marker. When the Forbidden Marker was not released, its appearance was different. On the badges, you would have seen that it was a completely white color. 

All your questions about How to Get Forbidden Marker will be solved after reading the above article.


Roblox is a very popular, trending game platform which is available online. If you love to play games, you must try Roblox for once. Roblox Corporation  developed the game platform Roblox. If you want to play Roblox, it is free of cost. 

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All the information about How to Get Forbidden Marker is mentioned above in the article. You can check once.

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