Delta Captain Aut {March} What Recent Issues Gamers Facing

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This article describes a gaming glitch associated with a popular manga series-based game faced by online gamers. Read more about the Delta Captain Aut.

Have you faced any issues while playing a major manga series-based game? If yes, you are at the right article that describes all the relevant information on the topic as mentioned before.

PVP simulator game enthusiasts from the United States face some issues associated with the quest present in a gaming mission. First, the technical glitch prevents the player from advancing to the next gaming level.

The game developers need to solve the gaming glitch to help the gamers accomplish the missions. Read more about the Delta Captain Aut.

About A Universal Time (AUT)

A Universal Time is available on the Roblox platform based on PVP simulation. This game is developed with various manga characters. 

The player can select the characters according to their gaming expertise and rankings.AUT is developed and owned by Universe Time Studio and was initially launched in 2018. 

The game became popular with the trending manga comic series. The players must compete in various gaming modes to gain higher rankings and in-game rewards. The multi-player mode is another important feature provided to the gamers.

Delta Captain Aut

  • A Roblox gamer faced a gaming glitch while playing AUT on his PC, preventing the player from completing the current mission.
  • The player uploaded a video on YouTube that shows the issue.
  • The video features the character of the gamer approaching the DELTA captain, who is in charge to guide the recruits.
  • Once the recruit approaches the captain, there is no response from the captain’s side.
  • Several other gamers also commented about the broken quest. As a result of the broken quest, the interaction between the recruit and the captain is blocked.

About Broken Delta Quest

  • The non-interactive Delta Captain Aut is a result of the broken delta quest.
  • The gamers couldn’t fix the broken quest as the quest settings are completely blank without any further settings or instructions.
  • The gamers went to the game settings and tried to rest their gaming characters by clicking on the “Reset Character” option. Unfortunately, there were no noticeable changes even after resetting the character.

Any Solutions Found? 

  • Currently, no solutions are found to solve the problem faced by the gamers associated with the broken quest.
  • The player with a blank quest menu can reset the character from the game settings. Learn on Delta Captain Aut.
  • To reset the character, either press the” R” key or go to settings, select “People”, and then click “Reset Character” present on the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • If nothing changes after following the steps mentioned above, the user can go to the settings, select “Report,” and raise a ticket mentioning the issues with relevant screenshots.


Gaming glitches are common issues faced by online gaming platforms frequently, and some issues prevent the gamer from getting stuck at a particular level. To understand more relevant information on this topic, kindly feel free to visit.

Have you faced any issues with Delta Captain Aut? If yes, please explain it below.

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