Stantler Evolution Arceus {Feb 2022} Pokemon New Update

Gaming Tips Stantler Evolution Arceus

This write-up helps you learn the process for Stantler Evolution Arceus and makes you know its specific details and abilities.  

Do you love Pokemon? Are you a huge fan of different types of Pokemon? Don’t to how to get these Pokémon’s is an amazingly cute little creature which got the attention of many people. You won’t disagree that somewhere you, too, are a Pokemon fan. 

Here comes another edition of Pokemon in the market for its lover to buy. Pokemon is a game loved by many Worldwide. This write-up will discuss the Stantler Evolution Arceus. To know about this trending form of Pokemon, continue reading the article. 

All About the Stantler

  • It is a normal Pokemon with huge horns. 
  • The evolving rate of this Pokemon is, unfortunately, slow. 
  • This is one attack of EV yield.  
  • This Pokémon is labelled as a C-tier quality Pokémon. 
  • It can defend itself from 62 attacks. 
  • The highest attacking power of Stantler is 95. 
  • It has a total of 85 special attacking power. 
  • The speed of this Pokemon is also 85. 
  • Let’s move forward to know the abilities of Stantler and How to Evolve Stantler Legends Arceus? 

What are the abilities of Stantler? 

There are total three abilities and these are as follows: 

Ability number 1- To Intimidate, this ability lowers all the opponent’s attacks from one level when the bearer of this ability switch to start the battle. 

Ability number 2- To Frisk, this ability works in favor of this Pokémon’s owner because, according to this ability, Stantler Pokemon can see the enemy’s weapons. 

Ability number 3- The sap-sipper is a hidden feature or ability which only works when got a bit by any grass material.

What is The Stantler Evolution Arceus 

This Pokemon Evolves and suddenly can be converted into a wyrdeer. 

After having fights in the style of agile 20 times, the players will be able to convert their Stantler Pokemon into wyrdeer. 

It will still remain a normal type of Pokemon but will acquire a good type of physic. 

Now let us talk about some notable specifications. 


  • Name- Stantler Arceus.
  • Type- Normal Pokemon.
  • Foods it likes- Grains and Beans. 
  • The Creator- Game-Freak
  • The Date of Releasing- 28th January 2022
  • Available on platforms- The Nintendo-Switch. 
  • Genre- Open-World and Action. 

How to Evolve Stantler Legends Arceus? 

  • The players can Evolve their legend Arceus by following these simple ways- 
  • Players are supposed to get a Stantler from the heights of Deertank. 
  • Make sure your Stantler is on the 21st level and able change moves. 
  • Then at level 31st, your Stantler will work as agile.
  • Then indulge this Pokemon into battles again and again and make sure you are using its agile version 20 times. 
  • Finally, You Evolved Stantler is here. Enjoy the Evolved version.


After analyzing the facts and figures about Stantler Evolution Arceus, this article would conclude that Evolution is recently added Pokemon to the series. Its a Pokemon with great physic. Great to have it in your Pokemon collection. 

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