Deasia Watkins Baby Photos: Why Baby Crime Scene Photos Trending? Know Facts!

In this post, we will discuss Deasia Watkins Baby Photos, why it is currently trending on the internet, and what current incident updates are.

Do you remember Deasia Watkins’s horrifying murder case? Why did this murder case shock everyone in the United States and worldwide? Since it has been years since this murder case, people still talk about this disturbing murder mystery. Though it has been years since this incident recently, people have been talking about this terrifying murder case over again prominently.

Currently, this murder case grabbed people’s attention when someone shared the picture of the victim claiming to be Deasia Watkins Baby PhotosThus, to know the reality of the picture and why this murder case shocked everyone. Read the post till the end.


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Why Deasia Watkins’s baby photos are trending on the internet?

Recently, a user shared pictures of a baby girl claiming that these photos were of Deasia Watkins’s baby. It is unclear whether the picture getting viral on the internet is truly Deasia Watkins’s baby or not. However, sharing sensitive pictures or videos is criminal, so we asked not to share Deasia Watkins’s Baby Crime Scene Photos.

Many users are sharing pictures of Deasia Watkins’ infant on social media platforms. Thus, the attorney demanded punishment from whosoever posted the images online.

What was the history of Deasia Watkins’s baby murder?

On March 16, 2015, Police received a call on 911. When they reached the destination, they were shocked to see that an infant baby girl was laying on the kitchen counter. The baby was a 3-month-old girl who was found headless in the kitchen.

According to the Police, her aunt was taking care of her temporarily. When the Police found the baby, she was stabbed multiple times by the chef’s knife. Thus, some pictures are circulating on the internet claiming to be Deasia Watkins Baby Photos

Who killed Deasia Watkins’s baby?

When the investigation began, Police found that Deasia Watkins herself killed her 3-month-old infant baby girl. In the investigation, it was found that she had a mental disease called postpartum psychosis. However, she has been on medication for the last three months and was admitted to Summit Behavioral Healthcare for her mental issue. 

When the Police reached the crime scene, they found that Deasia’s hand was broken or she handed the knife to her 3-month-old baby girl. According to the Police, she handed the knife to the baby to make the Police and everyone believe that she had done all of this. 

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Someone has shared the pictures on social media claiming that those pictures are Deasia Watkins’s baby pictures. However, sharing and posting sensitive content is a criminal offense, but people still share on social media. 

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Deasia Watkins Baby Photos– FAQs

Q1. Does Deasia Watkins get lifetime imprisonment? 

Ans. No, she didn’t get life imprisonment. 

Q2. Is Deasia Watkins found guilty in her baby murder case?

Ans. Yes, she was found guilty in her baby murder case. 

Q3. Does Deasia Watkins perform black magic? 

Ans. Some of her relatives claim that she used to talk to devils. 

Q4. How many years of imprisonment does Deasia Watkins get in her baby murder case?

Ans. She gets 15 years imprisonment in her baby murder case. 

Q5. How many times does she stab her infant baby? 

Ans. She stabbed her baby 15 times. 

Q6. What is her baby’s name?

Ans. Her baby’s name was Jayniah Watkins. 

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