Cricut Autopress Price (March 2022) What Is The Cost?

The following article gives you insights about Cricut Autopress Price and associated issues in detail.

Do you know about the heat press system? Have you heard of craft designing using a heat press system? Do you know about the Cricut platform, which offers these latest available heat presses? If the answer to all these questions is no, follow this article to get the information.

Today, we are discussing Cricut Autopress Price. The Cricut Autopress is a new heat press designed by the Cricut group. People in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom are already searching for this new product for craft and design work. So, let us follow up in detail.

About Heat Press

Heat Press is an industrial machine used for craft and design work on clothes, tables, furniture, and other places. The Cricut is an emerging group manufacturing and designing this heat press. 

The Cricut has also announced New Cricut Heat Press which are new Cricut Easy Press 3, Cricut Hat Press, and Cricut Autopress. These are relatively easier to use and less bulky in size. 

Elaborating More

Cricut Easy Press 3 + Cricut Heat app – It makes our heat transfer projects easy as it is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. The app guides us on how to use this product. It will be available for purchase starting March 13, 2022

Cricut Hat Press – It can make a variety of hats, from bucket to trucker hats. It uses ceramic-coated material to evenly distribute the heat. It can also be paired with the Circuit Heat app for guided use of the product. It will be available for purchase starting March 13, 2022

Cricut Auto Heat Press 

Cricut Autopress is a redesigned commercial version of the heat press. It can be used to customize your products like t-shirts, sweat-shirts, and bags.

It has automated features like saving time, heavy lifting. Further, it uses a zero-effort operation. When the top is pushed down, the machine measures the thickness of the cloth to adjust pressure, and once you set the time and temperature, the machine releases the product when the work is complete.

It has been made keeping security in mind. It contains extra wide clearance for mat alignment purposes. The burn risk is minimized by certified temperature-rated plastics. It has fan-assisted airflow to regulate heat flow. It also has an auto-off feature to power down if inactive for a period of time.

Cricut Autopress Price and Other Related Information

As per Cricut official website, it is priced at $999. Further, it can be purchased in May 2022 on HSN. Stay tuned for more updates.

Benefits of Cricut Autopress:

  • Easy to use a commercial grade heat press.
  • Consume less effort and time.

Some Tips And Tricks To Use

  • Pre-set the temperature and time and hold the button for 3 sec until it beeps.
  • To better your product, try to use as flat a surface as possible for the Autopress.
  • Use three pieces of butcher paper below and above the press to avoid the spread of ink on your mat.


The Cricut Autopress Price is relatively high as compared to other heat presses. If you are the one who rarely uses heat press, then it is not viable to use, but if you are the one who requires the press for commercial purposes, then it is ideal for you. However, go through the official website for more details.

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