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Do you remember your childhood when you loved fighting with your friends after watching action movies? From there, you might have developed some interest in WWE video games. These fictional fighting games have aroused the youth by their unimaginable fights Worldwide.

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About WWE 2k22:

It is a recently launched video game based on wrestling with professional wrestlers. From 2k, we can predict that the game series started in around 2000. 

It was developed by Visual Concepts Entertainment and published through 2K Sports company. The game is available both in multiplayer and single-player mode. 

Now, if you follow the game and its social media handles, then answering why the game is in the news would be easy for you. 

What is the WWE 2k22 Nwo Edition Release Date?

The above info might have given you some clue. Still, WWE 2k22 will release the new edition of its professional wrestling digital games. 

WWE 2k has made the “nWo 4-Life” edition and “Deluxe” edition of the game for purchase on different platforms on 8th March 2022. And as per the official announcement, the standard edition of the game nWo (new world order) will probably be released on 11th March 2022.

From the standard cover of the game, we can see that Rey Mysterio, the ring name of Oscar Gutierrez, an American professional wrestler, is featured in the cover.    

Where to get Edition WWE 2k22 Nwo game early access?

Today, 8th March, is the release date of “nWo 4-Life” and “Deluxe” editions of the game. So to grab the opportunity you can visit the official site of the game or log in to the following platforms where you most probably can get it. These platforms are:

  • Mircosoft Windows,
  • PlayStation 4,
  • PlayStation 5,
  • Xbox One,
  • Xbox Series X/S.

You may find the game on platforms other than those mentioned above. But we will advise you to go with WWE 2k22 Nwo Edition Release Date and other important announcements; otherwise, you may get cheated. 


  1. What are digital items the buyers of the nWo 4-Life will get?

Ans. The following benefits the buyers can get Undertaker Immortal Pack; Season Pass; nWo Bonus Content; and others. 

  1. What are the prices of the different editions of the game?

Ans. Some expected prices are:

  • nWo 4-Life Edition @ $119.99.
  • Deluxe Edition @ $99.99 (almost same over different platforms).
  • Standard Edition @ $69.99 (maximum but vary with platforms).

Final thought:

To conclude, Edition WWE 2k22 Nwo has a long history of popularity among young audiences for its scripted wrestling, the show off of anger, and the fantasy. So enjoy the game.

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And by the way, which wrestler do you like the most?

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