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The guide shares details about the new social network and the Counter Social Reviews go through properly.   

Are you frustrated with the irritating ads in between your social media posts? A social media platform has been launched that eliminates such annoying things to keep you focused on your social media post. 

Counter Social is the new online social media platform designed for people who want to avoid the irritating ads, abuses, promotions, memes, and endless BOT attacks in between the posts. It is a clean and superb platform for socializing over the internet. It has many users in the United States, and others are still looking for Counter Social Reviews.      

User’s Reaction to Application

After evaluating, we found that the platform has many users around the world. Many users shared positive reviews with a 4.2-star rating out of 5. Overall, the reviews are satisfying.

Many users are satisfied with the features and working of the application. CounterSocialDev offers counter Social, and it is available for mobile on respective play stores. There are multiple reviews available online. Some are still wondering who created this marvel with such high-end features. They want to know Who Owns Counter Social.

What is Counter Social?

Counter Social is a social media network with unique features to keep users engaged. There are no ads, promotions abuses, and foreign influence operations. All you get is the endless possibilities to socialize without any hindrances.

Counter Social is a one-of-its-kind social networking platform designed with a zero-tolerance stance against BOT accounts, hostile nations, disinformation networks, and trolls. It is the platform equipping the social media channels and offers freedom to employ influence operations against the platform.

It is a 100% crowd empowered platform by its users and doesn’t run any promoted content. 

What are the Features of the Counter Social App?

  • Counter Share – The users enjoy easy access to the secured, integrated, and ephemeral 500TB file sharing solutions. The files are encrypted, and users are allowed to set a limit or restrict the installing count. 
  • Emergency Radio Traffic – The application is enriched with COSOCOM, enlightening over 7000 emergency radio frequencies. It automatically tunes quickly to chatter from scratch when an incident occurs.
  • COSOCIAL Conferencing – It promotes one-click private video conferencing and invites anyone via a unique link to join the conference. 
  • COSO Groups – It helps users create their communities as per their preferences. The group can be private or public. 
  • Enhanced Privacy Mode – As per Counter Social Reviews, the external links shared to feeds or timelines can be accessed via enhanced privacy modes. It puts you between the host server and the platform with the highest security. 

These are some features that users can enjoy while using this application. 


People are annoyed with the ads, promotions, and other abuses on different social media channels. So, they are gradually switching to unique social networking that lacks all these fusses. Counter Social is the newly launched unique social network with no ads, promos, or fake news.

You may check the Reviews here.  Many users have appreciated the application and shared positive reviews.

Are you using Counter Social? Please share your Counter Social Reviews in the comment section.

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