Facebookmail.com Scam: Is It Legit, Real or Fake? Is Recovery Code On Reddit?

Find all the information about the Facebookmail.com Scam and understand how to avoid this scam and what are the privacy factors of Facebook.

Are you receiving suspicious email notifications from Facebook? People are questioning the legitimacy of the email they receive via Facebook and Meta. However, email legitimacy entirely depends on the sender’s email ID and the purpose of the mail.  

People in the United States and the United Kingdom or trying to find out whether the security emails are scams or legit. Therefore let’s get complete information about the Facebookmail.com Scam.

The legitimacy of Mails from Facebook

Recently, a report came out to the public that Facebook is sending an email from security@Facebookmail.com with information about privacy and security measures and updates. People are confused by the strange emails they receive from Facebook regarding security purposes.

However, many scammers are simultaneously sending these fake emails with a similar email ID to hack the user’s Facebook and fetch personal details. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the mail id and its authentication. According to Facebook, any emails you receive from the email ID Facebookmail.com and Metamail.com are legit. Additionally, Facebook requests that users verify their email addresses and learn different ways to report suspicious Emails. 

Facebookmail.com Legit Reddit

Netizens are sharing their opinion on the social media platform, including Reddit, where everyone is discussing the email’s legitimacy. People are sharing the screenshot of the email ID security@facebookmail.com and how they asked to reset the password.

Overall there’s no doubt that Facebookmail.com is a legit email ID, and all the notifications from this address are correct. However, a slight unnoticeable difference in the email ID can create huge chaos, as this is what a scammer needs. It is effortless for scammers to steal the personal details of any user using a security email from Facebook. Therefore, verify the email ID before submitting any details or documents.

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Facebookmail.com Real or Fake

One of the most noticeable queries on social media and the Internet is regarding the legitimacy of Facebookmail.com. People are questioning this email ID’s authenticity as they receive emails regarding the general Facebook notification. Recently a security email created confusion in the thoughts of people.

According to the Facebook notification email service, learning how to identify the legitimacy of Facebook email IDs is necessary. Moreover, Facebook doesn’t ask for personal and private information to adjust your security and settings. Therefore, identify the intention behind the email and ensure all the notifications from Facebookmail.com are real. 

Facebookmail.com Recovery Code

A security Facebook alert is trying to trick the users into snatching passwords and private information of the users. People are receiving mail from security@Facebookmail.com. According to the sources, this email ID sends the information about the security deflection from your account and asks you to reset your password using the recovery code. 

When people agree to reset the password, they click on the link where they have to type their mobile number to get the recovery password notification. Once users get along with the scam, they receive an option to reset the password, and scammers directly copy this password to steal your data. 

Facebookmail.com Scam: Social Media Link


Just got an email from ”security@facebookmail.com”. Is this legit?
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Final Verdict

People receive emails from security@facebookmail.com informing them that users have issues with their accounts. These are fraud emails as Facebook only has 2 official email IDs, I.e., facebookmail.com and metamail.com. Besides these email IDs, all the notifications are fake.

Did you receive any fraud emails from facebook.com? Comment below. 

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