Chrollo Astd {Sep 2021} Find New Character Detail!

This article covers new characters Chrollo Astd that gamers can keep their gaming exciting and retain scores over their opponents.

Are you a video gamer who likes playing online video games? Do you want to learn more about game characters you can add to boost your gaming experience? Or are you looking to purchase new characters for your favorite game battle? If that’s the case, this post will keep you updated on one of the most popular online gaming platforms.

All-Star Tower Defense or ASTD is a popular online game in the United States, Philippines, Canada, and other countries. Many game enthusiasts are always looking forward to the new character named Chrollo Astd In this article, we will discuss this new character and its features.

About ASTD

All Star Tower Defense is an online video game on Roblox, a worldwide gaming platform. Astd is an acronym for All Star Tower Defense. It has received over 1.7 billion visitors since its inception on July 5, 2020, with over 52,000 active players from the worldwide, favorable ratings from over 7,28,000 players, and novel character introductions regularly such as the Chrollo Astd. It was designed by FruitySama, JokeTheFool, and Benoxa and fell under the Top Down Games banner.

The basic goal of this game is to defend yourself from waves of attackers. You may keep summoning troops and making use of their great new powers. Every hour, the Emote Shop and Summon Gate will unlock additional units to add to your inventory. You may also obtain new attacks throughout battles by improving your character army. By forming a team with other players, you may play in narrative mode or infinity tower mode.

About Chrollo 

Before knowing more about Chrollo Astd, you should know more about the new character Chrollo. Chrollo Lucilfer is one of the primary antagonists in the Hunter Hunter anime or manga comic series. He is the major adversary of the City storyline and the commander of the Phantom Troupe. Upon attempting a raid at an auction, he is imprisoned by Kurapika’s Judgement Chain, which prevents him from communicating with the other Troupe members. This drives him to seek an Exorcist capable of breaking the bond. He is both Kurapika’s and Hisoka’s arch-enemy.

Chrollo Astd

ASTD, or All Star Tower Defense, has a new character named Chrollo. Some of the features of Chrollo ASTD are as follows:

  • Ground – Five Star Ground
  • Priority – AoE
  • Range – 32
  • Max Damage – 7786.5
  • Upgrade 1 – $750
  • Upgrade 2 – $1450
  • Upgrade 3 – $2105
  • Upgrade 4 – $2500
  • Upgrade 5 – $2500
  • Upgrade 6 – $2750
  • Attack per second – 8 per second 


To summarise, Chrollo is a well-known manga or anime character from the Hunter Hunter series. Now that he has been brought to the ASTD game with such tremendous abilities, fans and gamers will surely like the new Chrollo Astd. For further information, see the Twitter fan account of ASTD  

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