Chinese Barney NFT {Feb 2022} Read – Collection Of NFT!

Read about a new BCP-2 NFT token launched as a collection of digital artwork. Check the performance of Chinese Barney NFT.

The Barney NFT was launched in the Crypto market in the last week of October 2021. Barney NFT is a collection of 2,000 unique Barney characters drawn like a picture. Though Barney NFT did not pick up in the market, the investors in the United States are actively searching for information on Barney NFT. 

It is because the current price of Barney NFT is low and may increase in the future. Hence, read facts about Chinese Barney NFT below.

What is Barney?

Barney is showcased as a human gazing behind with both hands near his chest. However, the Barney characters are made unique by adding several attributes to create 2,000 characters. 

The attributes include different backgrounds, different outfits, caps and hats, different articles in hands, characters in different professions, popular themes, sports, Etc.

How do Barney works?

  • As Barney NFT is digital and virtual artwork of pictures, it needs to be purchased and stored for a period of time. The investors need to monitor the inflation in the Chinese Barney NFT price and sell them out at the desired profit in the future.
  • Ten percent of on Barney NFT bought are allocated free
  • Play Barney card game to earn Barney NFT

Founders of Barney:

The information about the founder of Barney NFT is not made public. However, the Barney NFT team has a presence on Twitter as @CryptoBarneyNFT. The Twitter pages originate from England. 

Barney Price stats:

  • Price — ¥272.46
  • Price in USD — $42.97
  • Price in ETH — Ξ0.015
  • Lowest Floor Price — Ξ0.01
  • All-time high — on 18th December 2021, at ¥1250.84, ↑78.21%
  • All-time low — on 19th January 2022, ¥397.59, ↓68.52%

Chinese Barney NFT last 7 days trend:

  • Barney sold — 5
  • Average price — ¥405.80
  • Trading volume — ¥2041.67
  • Trading volume in ETH — Ξ2.3

Barney Supply:

  • Circulating Supply — 254 Barney
  • Total Supply — 2,000 Barney

Barney Predictions:

  • The price predictions for Barney NFT is currently unavailable.


  1. What is the contract address to buy Barney?

Ans. The address to buy Barney is 0x054b947fa69Dec3600c1d8adE0be7d0baf1D326a.

  1. On which exchanges Barney NFT is listed?

Ans. Barney NFT is listed on CheeseSwap, PancakeSwap, O3swap, Mdex, Bscex, BSCswap, Autofarm, Anyswap, ApeSwap, BSCStation, BakerySwap, ParaSwap, Biswap, and 1inch.

  1. What wallets support Barney NFT?

Ans. Metamask, SafePal, Trust, Math, Unstoppable, TokenPocket, Coin98, Guarda, and Binance wallets support Chinese Barney NFT.

How to buy Barney?

  1. Login to PancakeSwap app
  2. Link your digital wallet to PancakeSwap
  3. Buy Binance at PancakeSwap
  4. Send BNB to your digital wallet
  5. Find Barney NFT on PancakeSwap
  6. Exchange BNB for Barney NFT


Barney was launched three months ago. However, it did not get established in the market. There is limited information about Barney NFT, its team, founders and its website. The highest and lowest price fluctuated within a month. As price predictions and RoI are unclear, it is not recommended for investment. Hence, Know About Best NFT For Investment In 2022 .

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