Adolfies NFT {March 2022} Know-Token On Personality Theme!

In this post, we have discussed the recently launched Adolf Hilter-themed Adolfies NFT sold on the Mintable app.

Have you heard about the Hitler-themed NFTs? Do you own one? Or are you looking to buy a Hitler-themed NFT? If yes, consider reading this post as we discuss them.

NFT on Adolf Hilter is getting increasingly popular. On one of the largest NFT trading platforms worldwide, especially in the United States, – OpenSea features thousands of Adolf Hitler-themed NFTs. A Twitter account named AdolfiesNFT is also dropping some NFTs about the dictator. So, we suggest our readers first learn about Adolfies NFT before buying them. 

What is NFT?

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are non-transferable data units held on a blockchain, which is a type of ledger in digital format. The use of NFTs is increasing these days. Digital files like images, films, and music are examples of NFT. NFTs largely vary from blockchain cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin in that each unit is individually recognized.

An NFT is a unit of information that can be purchased and exchanged and is maintained on a blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain platform was the first one to handle NFTs and is now the most extensively utilized.

Before knowing more about Adolfies NFT, let us learn about Adolf Hitler, the person Adolfies is themed after. 

Who is Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler was a German tyrant who wreaked havoc on Europe during World War II, killing millions of Jew people. As the head National Socialist German Workers’ Party, popularly known as the Nazi Party, Adolf ascended to prominence in German politics.

Adolf Hitler became Germany’s premier between 1933 and 1945 & dictator between 1934 and 1945. His actions contributed to the outbreak of World War II as well as the Holocaust. On 30th April 1945, Hitler and his spouse Eva Braun killed themselves in their Berlin bunker.

What is Adolfies NFT?

Adolfies Non-fungible tokens are upcoming NFTs offered by the AdolfiesNFT. The NFTs is a special token that is themed after the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. 

The Twitter accounts that are dropping these NFTs have the picture of the Nazi ruler as a profile pic. So, people can expect unique portraits of Adolf Hitler and different variations of the Nazi symbols in the Adolfies collection of the NFTs.

The AdolfiesNFT Twitter account last tweeted that they will soon drop 8 Adolfies NFTs before being. And the AdolfiesNFT are selling their Hilter-themed NFTs on the Mintable app.

Presently, there are 6 Adolfies NFT on the Mintable app. However, buyers can purchase only two right now, and the remaining four will be live in some hours. 

The floor price for the Adolfies NFTs is 0.0031 ether and ranges from 0.0031 – 0.0035 ether. Also, these tokens have no reviews on the AdolfiesNFT Mintable app profile, as these are their first NFT drop. 


There is a huge range of Adolf Hitler NFTs like Adolfies NFTs on various NFT hosting platforms. These NFTs are making a lot of controversies. So, we suggest our readers avoid them. Visit this News website to learn about Hitler NFT controversies

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