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The write-up below contains relevant and important information about Cat in Blender Real Video Link. We were also informed about the person behind it.

Did you get the link to the Cat in a Blunder video? Cat in a Blunder news is not a new thing for people. Now people all over the Internet and Worldwide are searching for the link and asking for it. 

Therefore, if you are searching for it and want to know about the news, then this article is for you. In this article, you will learn about Cat in a Blunder video with all the information about Cat in Blender Real Video Link.

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What is in the Cat in Blender Real Video Link?

In early May 2023, a video featuring a Cat garnered viral all over the Internet and earned a reputation for its shocking content. People are desperately looking for that video to know the story of the video. The footage shows Xu Zhihui placing a live cat into a blender and subjecting it to microwave treatment, deeply disturbing viewers. 

It is imperative that the appropriate person is held accountable for these despicable actions and faces legal consequences to ensure justice prevails. 

Is the Cat in the Blender Video Real?

Amidst shock and disbelief, people question the video’s authenticity, seeking confirmation of its unfortunate reality. Regrettably, the video depicting the Cat is genuine and captures a distressing incident that unfolded in real life, an irreversible event. Fortunately, the perpetrator responsible for this inhumane act has been apprehended by the police. 

Among TikTok users, a prevailing belief suggests that the alleged offender is Xu Zhihui, a renowned food blogger/vlogger hailing from China’s Anhui province, known for his popularity on platforms such as Weibo and Bilibili.

Cat in Blender Original Video People’s Reaction

Some users even created memes implying acts of violence against the individual behind this disturbing content. 

The explicit nature of the video evoked sympathy for the defenseless Cat in many individuals, while others experienced a sense of nausea at the mere mention of it. Those who have already watched the video described it as one of the most distressing and merciless acts they have ever witnessed. This incident elicits profound emotions within people.

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The video of the Cat is still in circulation and is being shared over many platforms. The Cat is dead now, and people look forward to getting the person behind bars.

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Cat in Blender Original Video Information (FAQs)

1-When did Twitter users start reporting about the video depicting the brutal killing of a cat with a blender?

A-Twitter users began reporting on May 2nd, 2023.

2-Who was the first user to mention the video and express disbelief and horror?

A-The first user known to have mentioned the video was @gsjshd75896805.

3-Which user initially shared the video on Twitter, and why was their post removed?

A-@scarycontent18 was among the first individuals to share the video on Twitter, but their post was removed for violating the platform’s rules.

4-Where did the link to the cat video go viral?

A-The link to the Cat in Blender Original Video got viral on Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Reddit, and TikTok.

5-How many views did this video receive?

A- The video received millions of views.

6- Is the video still accessible to the people?

A- Yes, the video is still accessible; many people can get the link openly.

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