Why You Need a Cargo E-bike


When considering transit options, we all have different requirements that can make our commute easier and more comfortable. An electric cargo bike can help with a need for increased comfort during commutes. Most people use them because they are specially designed to provide the high payload capacity necessary to enjoy smooth rides with heavy loads. Whether grocery shopping or camping, a cargo e-bike is perfect.

Cargo e-bikes are equipped with powerful motors to help you enjoy optimum comfort levels when traveling with items within the payload capacity. The motor of an electric cargo bike withstands the pressure generated by moving heavy loads. The payload capacity commonly provided is usually at least 500W. This article reviews different aspects of cargo ebike. Keep reading to learn how a cargo e-bike can satisfy your riding needs.

Features of an Ideal Cargo E-bike 

Exploring the features of an ideal electric cargo bike will help to determine better how best one fits into your lifestyle. Using the Haoqi Antelope as a standard, some of the features that make cargo bikes perfect for commuting include the following:

High Payload Capacity

The payload capacity of an e bike is needed for many reasons. For starters, it is necessary to support your weight and that of your passenger or load. Have you often wondered how to enjoy rides with your child sitting comfortably behind you? Cargo bikes are a preferred option for taking children to school and riding with pets. Due to this, most provide a high payload capacity that supports riding with others without a hitch.

This little detail is easy to miss until you need to move heavy equipment, so remember not to overlook it when shopping for an e-bike. You will easily find a strong one that can support up to 300 lbs and more. Or, you can opt for the Haoqi Antelope. With its payload capacity of 350 lbs, riding with passengers and heavy loads is smoother. The point is, you will enjoy your trips more when you use a reliable cargo e-bike.

Motor Power

The motor is partly the reason e-bikes are generally preferred over traditional ones. The feelings of freedom and ecstasy many people enjoy from e-biking are really due to the high power output from the motor. This is one of the strong points of a reliable cargo e-bike, as a powerful motor is needed to navigate rugged and hilly terrain easily. You use more motor power to climb steep roads instead of applying more physical effort.

Riding with passengers or heavy loads can cause a gradual buildup of pressure that depletes battery charge faster. The motor provides resistance to and regulation of pressure and temperature that normally increase when you are on the e-bike. Most cargo e-bikes offer a motor of about 500W, but you can get more with us. Our Antelope uses a high-quality 750W Bafang motor that can reach a torque of 80Nm without deformation.

Long-range Battery

The battery is the second reason for the newly popular preference for e-bikes over the traditional types. With a high-quality charge, you can afford to take a rest from pedaling while relying on battery power to maintain motion. What makes a cargo e-bike truly special is that it is usually the best for long-distance riding. This is due to the high-capacity batteries most use in providing long-range.

Once you begin riding a cargo bike, the difference in battery range compared to a regular e-bike is more obvious. An electric cargo bike is usually able to comfortably provide a range of up to 60 miles of commute. With 60 miles, you can enjoy a trip to work or a long morning/evening ride. Or, you can enjoy a better range of between 45 to 85 miles when you ride the Haoqi Antelope. With its 48v 25Ah high-tech battery, you are good to go.

High Adaptability to Terrain

The road conditions tend to vary with the prevalent weather of the season. Rainy weather can mean muddy or slippery roads. Sometimes, it can mean having to ride through roads piles with of snow. A cargo e-bike is equipped for perfect adaptation to the current condition of the road. This is especially true if your e-bike is made of high-quality components. Its high adaptability is enhanced by the motor and derailleur system.

This feature is not limited to rough roads. A cargo e-bike can provide an insane level of traction and grip on slippery roads as well. You can go riding in the rain if you want. If you are shopping, look for one with a Shimano gear system you can trust to promote adapting to diverse terrains. The Shimano derailleur system is common among some of the best e-bikes.

Pedal-assist System

The pedal-assist system of an e-bike consists of the motor and battery. This system is included in e-bikes as a reference to the difference in using a traditional bike. With the pedal-assist system, your pedaling efforts will be greatly reduced. Now, you can enjoy more convenient riding at your own pace. As opposed to some beliefs, the pedal assist is not provided to eradicate the need to exercise through pedaling. Instead, it is to provide extra power to every pedaling effort you make. Without a pedal-assist system, it will feel like riding a traditional bicycle once again.


Have you ever wondered what a cargo e-bike can do for you? This article lists 5 reasons you need one! An electric cargo bike is not that much different from a regular one physically, however, the disparity between the specs of both is not so negligible. A cargo e-bike is designed as the perfect commute, which ensures you can even enjoy rides with your friend or pet. The Haoqi Antelope is one of the best cargo e-bikes in the market, with specs that make it stand out from different types. Its 48V 25Ah battery is one of the best, with enough juice to provide up to 85 miles of range f. This and more make the Antelope one of the best electric cargo bike choices.

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