Bike Safety Accessories Every Cyclist Should Know

Safety should be your number one priority when cycling. Thus, you should have the necessary gear as they help you feel comfortable and ready for any mishap. Below is a list of bike safety accessories you should take on the next ride.


A bicycle is a significant investment that you should protect against theft. You will undoubtedly love cycling around, for instance, when going for groceries or to the shop. In addition, you might decide to use it to commute from school or work. When leaving it somewhere, you should lock it with something strong.

Don’t worry about the type of your lock since there are numerous varieties to choose from. If you don’t have one, consider acquiring it from your local locksmith company.


It is the most obvious and vital safety accessory every biker should have. You never know what’s in the next bend. Having a helmet on keeps you relaxed and comfortable. In addition, it provides peace of mind, knowing that you are protected in case of an incident.

Select the head protector, depending on the type of rides you will do, for instance, for riding on the road or mountain biking. Consider a full-face helmet if you are riding downhill.

Reflectors and Lights

Most biking mishaps happen when drivers fail to see bikers as they change lanes or turn. The use of reflectors will make you visible to other road users. Feel free to add extra light and reflecting strips than required. Don’t miss any reflective material while cycling.

At night, ensure you’re on the correct lane with head and rear lights on. When purchasing the light, ensure its battery lasts longer and produces the desired brightness. Moreover, ensure it’s waterproof if it rains.

Protective Glasses

Flies and insects to get into your mouth or eyes during your two-wheel adventures. Also, dust and small stones kick up when biking on gravel-filled trails. If something enters your eyes, it impairs vision, causing distractions. This increases the odds of causing an accident.

Glasses with tinted lights protect you against heat from the sun or beams of light from oncoming vehicles. Moreover, they help maintain visibility in inclement weather and provide protection from wind and rain.


When you fall off the bicycle, chances are high that you’ll break off the fall using your hands. Gloves will protect your palms from hitting the ground. They are padded to ensure a comfortable and cushioned grip when you fall.

In addition, they prevent friction and blisters. When purchasing gloves, consider the webbing between your thumb and index finger. It should be loose enough to ensure a firm grip for the handlebar.

Bike Kit

There is too much uncertainty on the road; anything can happen. Therefore, you require a kit with essentials to protect yourself and help fix minor bike issues if they arise. The kit should contain first aid training in Calgary essentials such as sterilizers to help you in case of cuts or bruises. It should also have a fully charged phone if you need to make an emergency call.

The right set of cycling accessories can be a lifesaver. Acquire the above bike safety accessories, and you will surely hit the road or trail safely.

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