Top 3 Types of Custom Canopy Tents for Brand Promotions: A Pros & Cons List

Best Top 3 Types of Custom Canopy Tents for Brand Promotions

Canopy Tents are perfect promotional products for branding and advertising, especially for outdoor marketing campaigns. These durable and multipurpose products can help promote your business for a very long duration and in multiple locations. 

Various types of custom canopy tents are usually spotted at marketing and networking events across industries. There is no doubt that when designed and customized properly, these custom-printed canopy tents will not just turn you into a showstopper at an event but also give you leads to further grow your business. 

Get the Wow Factor for Your Business!

The market is filled with generic, low-quality canopy tents that won’t last you long or provide advertising options. Therefore, if you are buying for business, it is always better to choose high-quality, custom-printed canopy tents, showcasing your company logo and promotional information. It is bound to create an impact on your target audience. 

Find the Best Canopy Tents for Branding

There are several styles of personalized canopy tents to choose from in the market. You must consider your business requirements, budget and the type of events you plan to participate in before you finalize a product. However, we have listed here the top 3 types of custom canopy tents that will give you the best results in terms of branding and advertising. Listed below are all the pros and cons of using these products for your brand promotions –

  • Custom Pop-up Tents

Instant Pop-up tents are the most popular canopy tents in the promotional category. They are used for a range of events – from trade exhibitions and job fairs to local markets and entertainment festivals. Pop-up canopy tents are the perfect choice if your marketing strategy requires you to attend several outdoor events at regular intervals to showcase your business. 


  • Wide range of standard sizes.
  • Custom-size available.
  • Affordable Prices.


  • Needs 2-4 people to assemble properly.
  • Most popular option also makes it the most common choice, which may affect impact factor during crowded events.
  • Custom Star-Shaped Tents

Single pole or double pole star shaped canopy tents are best known for creating a wow factor in the promotional strategy for your event. Their striking shape makes them the center of attraction at any type of events. In fact, the bigger sizes of these canopy tents, can function as full-fledged event venues for charity fundraisers, performance arts or even sports events. 


  • Provides good ventilation.
  • Sturdy shade for all days – sunny, windy and rainy.
  • Available in larger sizes which accommodate more people.


  • Expensive as compared to other models.
  • Not suitable for small or cramped spaces.
  • Inflatable Tents

High pressure inflatables are canopy tents that offer the perfect balance between quality, style and affordability. These tents are particularly useful if you have a mobile marketing campaign, which changes location every day, because they can be set up and packed up by a single marketing person. They can also be designed in various shapes and will definitely turn heads towards your business at trade shows, festivals or any other outdoor event. 


  • Easy installation.
  • Requires only 1 person to set-up
  • Available in a range of shapes and sizes.


  • Slightly more expensive than pop-up canopy tents.
  • Requires an electric pump to complete installation.
  • Set-up not conducive in rainy season.

Get Your Business a Customised Canopy Tent Now!

Custom canopy tents are compact, portable, easy to assemble and still provide large surface areas to print advertising content. For better results and longer durability, always choose to buy branded canopy tents. Brands also keep your designs like logos, taglines and marketing content on file, making it easier and faster to procure promotional products on short notice. 

So, start looking for the perfect canopy tent for your business and let your marketing promotions flow with finesse!

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