{Update} Calli Newberry Obituary: Who Was Calli Newberry? Also Explore Full Wiki Details Along With Age, Parents, Net worth, Height & More

This post on Calli Newberry Obituary will explain all the crucial details related to demise of the sports reporter Calli Newberry.

Do you know Calli Newberry? Have you heard about the demise of Calli Newberry? Calli Newberry was a news reporter who has recently passed away due to an accident. People from the United States are paying their condolences to Calli Newberry on the social media platforms. This post on Calli Newberry Obituary will explain all the crucial details related to the demise of Calli Newberry, so we suggest everyone to read this post till the end.

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Calli Newberry, how did she die?

Calli Newberry was a 24 year old news reporter who took her last breath on Tuesday, 6th June 2023. Reports have revealed that Calli Newsberry was driving a Chevrolet Equinox during the Car Accident in the intersection of the rural Sanilac County. Calli was driving on Todd Road when suddenly she got hit by a Jeep. When the police officers came to the rescue, Calli Newsberry was taken to the hospital. The doctors confirmed that Calli was in a critical condition when she was taken to the hospital. Also, it has been found recently that there was another 23 year old unidentified woman in Croswell MI along with Calli Newsberry but she survived the crash. 

Calli Newberry Funeral, Burial, Obituary:

Calli Newberry was loved by her family and friends. Many people on the social media platforms are paying their sincerest condolences to Calli Newberry. People are also searching for the funeral and burial details of Calli Newberry. However, Calli’s Family has not revealed any details related to the funeral of Calli Newsberry because all the close friends and family of Calli Newberry are currently devastated from the loss. Calli is described as a kind and generous person by her colleagues. 

Calli Newberry Twitter, Instagram, Facebook account:

Calli Newberry was not much active on social media platforms. People also searched for the Net worth. However, there are no details related to the salary of Calli Newberry. However, she shared a post on her Twitter account where she posted a picture of her newborn baby. Her baby, Ellie Merge Newberry was born on 11th February 2023. 

Calli Newberry Biography, Personal Life: 

Real name  Calli Patricia Newberry
Nickname  Unknown
Date of Birth  31st October 1998
Date of Death  6th June 2023
Marital status  Married
Husband  Unknown
Children  1
Children name  Ellie Merge Newberry 
Birthplace  Croswell, United States of America 
Parents  Jodi and Steve Townsendq
Age  24 years 

Calli Newberry Nationality and Religion:

Calli Newberry was born in America so she was American. Besides this, there are no details related to the religion practices of Calli. Some people have said that Calli Newberry was Christian but there are no confirmed details related to this on Wiki.

Social media links

Many people are sharing condolences to Calli Newberry.


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Final verdict

To summarise this post, we pay our sincerest tributes to Calli Newberry and hope that her family finds the strength to move on from this immense loss. Please visit this link to learn more about Calli Newberry 


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Calli Newberry Obituary – FAQs

Q1. Who was Calli Newberry?

Answer: Calli Newberry was a sports news reporter.

Q2. How old was Calli Newberry?

Answer: Calli Newberry was 24 years old.

Q3. What happened to Calli Newberry?

Answer: Calli Newberry recently died in a car accident.

Q4. When did Calli Newberry die?

Answer: Calli Newberry died on 6th June 2023.

Q5. Was Calli Newberry married?

Answer: Yes, Calli Newberry is married.

Q6. What is Calli Newberry height?

Answer: Calli Newberry’s Height & More details are not available on the internet.

Q7. How did Calli Newberry die?

Answer: Calli Newberry died when her Chevrolet car got hit by a Jeep and the car crashed brutally.

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