The Best Ways to Style a Large Bathroom

There are many joys of having a large bathroom. Yet, the question of how to design, furnish and organize bigger rooms is often a struggle. Don’t fret. This is an opportunity to create a storage-focused haven that fits all your hygiene needs and creates a luxurious vibe as a side effect. There are plenty of ways to style a large bathroom, and you can read all about it below.  

The Double Sink Impact

A double basin bathroom furniture set complete with handy cupboards, and maybe a mirror or shelving, is a popular choice for larger areas. This one is especially great for couples sharing an en-suite or families trying to meet everyone’s needs. It makes the room feel more personal and practical, and it looks luxurious too. 

Figure Out Storage

The biggest downside to a large bathroom is that it is likely to gather a lot of toiletries, towels, and general amenities that need a home. It may feel like the perfect space to keep things like razors, skincare, and even medicine but that will only become a problem if there is a lack of actual storage. Thankfully, because you have more floor and wall area to take advantage of, there are plenty of options that will work with a range of themes and décor tastes. Try an independently placed industrial storage unit as a focal point to bring the room together and complement it with some in-built wall shelving too. 

Boost the Atmosphere with Small Touches

The atmosphere and general vibe in a large bathroom are both key things to get right. You want to walk into the room and feel able to get on with what you need to do, whether it is putting on makeup or hopping in the shower. A big part of this is decluttering, but the rest of this is all about what mood you create through the small touches. Everything from candles to mirrors and toothbrush holders to toilet roll holders makes a difference, and it is fun to make everything match and build a theme that you really love. 

Heated Towel Rails

It is one thing to have all of your towels ready and waiting on a handy unit within the bathroom area. But it is another step entirely to install a heated towel rail so there is somewhere for them to go after being used. They are classy, functional, and a great source of heat that won’t break the bank to install.  

Freestanding Bath

Freestanding baths are suitably stunning features for a bigger bathroom. Complement it with heated flooring, and even think about raising it up on a slight platform if you really want it to stand out. Vast spaces are crying out for things like this because they draw the eye and add impact, making a space functional and aesthetically appealing too. 

Styling a large bathroom doesn’t have to be mind boggling. There are so many paths to take, and design options to fit any style choice or aesthetic preference. Whether you want to tile the whole room from top to bottom or create standalone pieces, the design is your playground. 

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