Bright Pleasant com Reviews {Sep 2021} Is It Legit Site?

Read on to recognize the legitimacy of Bright Pleasant com Reviews and secure yourself from this spam website.

How often do you feel that you need comfort in your lifestyle? Are you willing to buy some customized products which will make your life simple? During the search for this in your search engine, you would have come across a website named Bright Pleasant. But, Is this website legit? Continue reading more below in this article.

This write-up highlights the legitimacy of the Bright Pleasant com Reviews. This website provides customized collections in sport, hobby, profession, etc., in various countries like the United States, India.

What is Bright Pleasant com?

Bright Pleasant com is widely spread in the e-commerce platforms, and it sells many customized products with varieties in its collections. Their products encompass sofa, swing chairs, storage sheds, vanity sets, bed, workbenches, etc. Below are the detailed discussion and in-depth knowledge of this website.


  • Website Type – It is an e-commerce website that trades in diverse custom collections for different professions, passions, storage sheds, vanity sets, etc.
  • E-mail Address
  • Website Address – 
  • Address to contact – Absent
  • Phone number – Absent(this is dodgy; hence Is Bright Pleasant com Legit)
  • Contact Name: Domain Administrator (This information is unclear)
  • Price of Products –USD
  • Sort and filter – Absent
  • Options for payment – PayPal
  • Return and shipping policies – Return request within 5days of receiving the order. Standard shipping for the United States is 7-12days, and in other countries, it’s 10-15 days.
  • Availability of Social Media Link –Not available


Below are some of the aces.

  • Products are explained with deep details like their dimensions, color, etc., with good images.
  • Though we can add a good amount to our cart, each customer can order 2 products at a time.
  • Terms and conditions are explained in sections covering all prominent points.


Below are some of the negative points of  Bright Pleasant com Reviews.

  • There are no social media links available on the website.
  • There is a frequent pop-up that notifies the purchase of recent consumers (Name not mentioned). When we visit this website, it shows this pop-up that is the same and repeated repeatedly, which is suspicious.
  • This website is less than one month old.
  • The domain name of the website has been registered for one year.
  • This website home page named “wayfair” instead of Bright Pleasant com 
  • There are no customer reviews on any of the products.
  • Though the shipping section mentions their standard requirement, the products section shows free shipping for two purchases. Therefore, attracting customers.

Is Bright Pleasant com Legit

Following are some facts which authenticate the legitimacy of the website. Thereby clearing all your doubts.

  • Age of Website –Less than a year, created on 30th August 2021
  • Trust Score of Website –1%, which is considered beneath a “Very Bad Trust Score.”
  • Reviews of the customer – No customer reviews are available on any products throughout the website.
  • Availability of Social media links – There are no links or icons on any page of the website.
  • E-mail ID validity –The E-mail address is not connected to the website creating doubtfulness in Bright Pleasant com Reviews.
  • The Originality of the Content – The about us section on the website does not clarify their vision and the value of the products. They do not mention any proper knowledge about which products they sell. The special offers are only available with one product. They say free shipping in each product on their homepage, which is extraneous and does not match their shipping policies.
  • Owner Information –The owner of the website is mentioned as Domain Administrator, which is suspicious.
  • Legitimacy Of Contact Address –Contact address is not mentioned for customer’s anxieties.

From the above study, this website can be considered spam.

Bright Pleasant com Reviews.

Quora site review section, which is trustworthy by many people, does not mention or review Bright Pleasant com and, hence this portal becomes suspicious in the mind of customers. Moreover, you can also go through Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam for awareness and safety from spam.


As per our case study, we recommend you not to prefer this website for your purchasing. As this website contains many trust issues. Go through; Get Your Money Back From PayPal if scammed for your knowledge. Access this link for best sofas.

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