Craigkellymp Com {Sep 2021} Know The Complete Fact!

Let us look at the facts about Craigkellymp com, which was created to abuse Australian Craig Kelly MP and encourages users to send his memes.

Try splitting up the name of Craigkellymp, which is registered as a website name. You will find the term refers to Craig Kelly, a politician in Australia.

 Currently, the website gained popularity among the citizens who are against the policies of Craig and among the people who oppose Taxes. A YouTuber with the account name FriendlyJordies is suspected of creating this website. 

Let us look at the history behind website creation and also about Craigkellymp com.

About Craig Kelly:

He is a member of the House of Representatives for Hughes in New South Wales. Craig was recently in the news as he had sent text messages to fourteen million Australian citizens asking if the Covid vaccine was effective. The text message caused frustration among the people. 

What is

This website was mistaken as a website owned by Craig for publishing public posts, and it was because the name of the website was related to Craig. The website used profanity against Craig and George Christensen. 

The website Craigkellymp com is luring people to send memes of Craig. It also featured funny videos and cartoons about Craig. The website described itself as serving the community and opposing taxes. 

On seeing such information on the website, people initially thought that Craig might not have paid for leasing the website name, and so, the website might have been taken over by trollers. 

But, later, it was known that Craig did not own any website. Someone is trying to misdeed Craig. People believe that website may have been created by FriendlyJordies, a YouTuber, as it had a link requesting donations for him.

Craigkellymp com Specifications:

  • Physical address – not provided
  • Phone number – not provided
  • E-mail Address –
  • Contact person – not provided
  • Address of Website –
  • IP address of website –
  • Registrar – LLC
  • Web host – AS26496
  • Server location – Singapore
  • Server address – 1°17’22.9 “N and 103°51’00.4 “E (or) 28 North Bridge Rd, Singapore.
  • Alexa Rank -3391777
  • Website Age – 7th September, 10 days old.
  • Website registration expiry – 7th September 2023
  • Website Trust Score – 14.4%, not reliable
  • Social Media links –not available
  • Craigkellymp com Owner Contact Details –This critical information is not provided
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites –7/100.
  • Website Popularity –1269188, poor
  • Threat Profile –58/100
  • Phishing Score –33/100
  • Malware Score –58/100
  • Spam Score –2/100


It is clear that Craig Kelly MP does not own the website. The website is defaming Craig for political reasons as the agenda of tax and community service is mentioned. Further, the website seems to have plans of expansion as it is collecting visitor’s e-mail addresses. Craigkellymp com had registered outside Australia for security reasons.

Do you want to know about Craig’s messages on Covid?


Let us know your views about Craig’s statements.

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