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Breg is a reputed company in the United States supplying braces for fractured legs, shoulders, knees, Etc., from wide range of body support bracing featured in 12 categories. If the patient has health insurance, the braces are supplied to the hospital, and later, the price is billed partially to the health care provider and partially to the patient. 

Did you hear about Breg Billing Department Scam trending in recent days?

About Breg Billing:

Several instances were reported on BBB and Reddit about Breg customer service calling people for pending bills dated 1.5 years to 2 years back! It must be noted that genuine Breg customer service agent will provide billing details, reason for pending bills, date, and other details over the call. 

Upon request, customer service agent will email pending bills from an authentic Breg email. Further, patients have the option to callback genuine Breg customer service at 1(800)897-BREG, 1(800)321-0607 or 1(760)795-5440 to verify billing information. is official website which where patients can pay their bills securely.

Breg Billing Department Reviews:

Recently, new scams related to Breg billing has been featured. The scam is specifically over the call, and email communication is not involved. Fake Breg customer service representative informs about pending bills but does not provide billing details, date, Etc. 

If customer is unavailable to take the call, a voice message is left with specific number to callback. Fake Breg customer service representative refrains from provide bills over email. Neither such fake bills are found on nor found with genuine customer service over the phone, which indicates that the person calling is a fraudster.

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A few patients reported that fake Breg customer service requested customer’s birthday, phone number, and personal and payment details. But genuine customer service does not require such details. It suggests that Breg billing scam aims to access customers’ PII and financial details. It is high-level of fraud as customer information can be used to put in unauthorized charges or to sell it on deep web.

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Breg Billing Department Scam – FAQ

1Q. How to avoid getting scammed by fake Breg billing?

The patient must avoid providing any personal or payment details over the call.

Never call back on numbers provided over the fake calls.

Request e-bill to be sent over an email.

2Q. How can patients verify authenticity of Breg bills?

If patient receives an e-bill, it can be verified with customer’s health records.

Further, customers must contact genuine Breg customer service over the phone, by fax number 1(760)795-5295, or by emailing for verification.

3Q. Where can customers report Breg Billing Department Scam calls?

At, by sending called ID to 7726, by calling 1(877)FTC-HELP and 1(866) 720-5721, or by faxing at 1(225)334-4707.

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