Boruto 66 Chapter {Jan} Find Spoilers, Release Details

In this post, we have discussed the previous Boruto Chapter 65, when Boruto 66 Chapter will be released, and its spoilers.

Are you a fan of the manga series Boruto? Are you waiting for the release of Boruto Chapter 66? Do you want to know about its release date? If yes, stick to the post. 

As per the previous chapter release, Boruto Chapter 66 should release soon, and Boruto fans Worldwide are waiting for its release. In addition, Boruto manga lovers are also searching for spoilers over the internet. So, in this post, we will discuss Boruto 66 Chapter and its release date. 

What Happened in Chapter 65 Boruto? 

Boruto almost had a collapsing moment in the middle of the raging combat after unleashing the karma & utilizing some of Momoshiki Otsutsuki’s abilities & powers in Boruto Chapter 64.

Readers were right to expect Momoshiki to reappear, and he is doing it in Boruto 65 Chapter, disguising the battleground in mist. Boruto comes under Momoshiki’s influence despite never having used up all of his chakras, and he advises that they take advantage of the situation to get away from Code.

However, Code grabs advantage of the situation to secure Kawaki as a sacrifice again for Ten-Tails.

In the previous chapter of Boruto 66 Chapter, we also see Kawaki, Naruto’s son, on the other hand was unable to endure thinking of Naruto Uzumaki’s death and jumps in to rescue Boruto. Kawaki gets almost grasped by Momoshiki, but Momoshiki is eventually shaken off easily. Later, Momoshiki attacks Boruto’s  father Naruto with the powerful Chou Oodama Rasegan, but just as it totally seemed that all hope is in complete ruins, we see Kawaki swallows the Rasengan utilizing karma that should never have been present in the foremost chance.

Naruto’s adopted son Kawaki reclaims the karma with all of its grandeur, equipped with some identical marks like Boruto, famous horn Ishhiki, and Kawaki’s left eye totally distorted into an upturned triangle. 

When will the Boruto 66 Chapter be released? 

People who are truly familiar with the Boruto franchise must be aware that every chapter is released after an interval of one month. The last chapter was published on 20th November. As planned, the original Boruto Chapter 66 will be released on 20th January 2022. The fact that no such notification has been made about the delay adds to the excitement of seeing our heroes once more.

Boruto Chapter 66 Spoilers 

In the previous chapter, Naruto Next Generations, we see that Kawai jumps to save Naruto by absorbing a fully charged powerful Chou Oodama Rasengan, which surprises everyone. At the time, there were no Boruto 66 Chapter spoilers, but there is a potential that Chapter 66 will uncover how Kawai absorbed such a Rasengan. 

As we witness Isshiki’s horns & finger pattern emerge, Kawaki has sparked a new Karma type, with Kawai’s left eye sporting a very lightly coloured upside triangle. As a result, we can expect to learn further about Kawaki’s newfound karma shape in Chapter 66, as well as witness how Naruto, Eida, Code, and Boruto respond to his shocking new power.


Boruto Chapter 66 will uncover Kawai’s new karma and how others react to it. We will also see how Kawai will use his surprising powers. Visit this Reddit page  for more.

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