Dark Moon 2 Chapter {Feb 2022} Find Release Detail!

We have discussed the Dark Moon: The Blood Altar in this post. In addition, we have explained the plot and release of the Dark Moon 2 Chapter.

Are you a fan of the Korean boy band Enhypen? Have you heard of its latest webtoon series release? Are you searching for chapter 2? If yes, tune into the post.

The first installment of the Dark Moon webtoon series by Enhypen was recently released. Fans worldwide, especially in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the United States, want to know about Chapter 2. So, in this post, we will talk about the Dark Moon 2 Chapter

What is the Dark Moon?

The Dark Moon: The Blood Altar is a new web novel by Enhypen. The webtoon is a high school romance with urban fantasy elements. The first chapter of the Dark Moon: The Blood Altar was released on 16 January 2022 on the official Webtoon website, where users can read and review it.  

The webtoon is a collaboration between Naver Webtoon & HYBE and promises to be an engaging narrative saga. Before it was published, fans had high hopes for the webcomic Dark Moon, which blends fantasy with the difficulties of young love.

Before learning about Dark Moon 2 Chapter, let us discuss the plot of the webtoon.

The Plot of The Dark Moon: The Blood Altar

The webtoon takes place in the fictional world of Riverfield, where even the most popular males at two competing high schools are vampires & werewolves. So when a strange new girl, Sooha, comes to Riverfield, the competitors are drawn to her for no apparent reason. 

As the village is shaken by horrific events, the lads’ long-forgotten pasts begin to emerge. Their entire world is turned upside down. As the story progresses, more untold truths and mysteries are uncovered. 

Before knowing more about Dark Moon 2 Chapter, let us look at the timing of its release. 

Release Date & Time of The Dark Moon: The Blood Altar?

The release date and time of Dark Moon as per various time zones are listed below:

  • Pacific Time: 15 January, 6 PM.
  • Central Time: 15 January, 8 PM 
  • Eastern Time: 15 January, 9 PM 
  • British Time: January 16, 2 AM
  • European Time: January 16, 3 PM
  • Indian Time: 16 January, 7.30 AM 
  • Philippine Time: January 16, 10 AM
  • Japan Time: 11 AM JST, 16 January 
  • Australian Time: 16 January, 11.30 AM 
  • Singapore Time: January 16, 10 AM
  • Thailand Time: January 16, 9 AM

When will Dark Moon 2 Chapter be released? 

The Dark Moon The Blood Altar’s first installment, named the First Encounter, was released just recently. Enhypen fans, as well as webtoon lovers worldwide, are loving the first installment and are looking forward to Chapter 2 which will release on 22nd January 2022, assuming no obstacles arise.


Chapter 1 of the Dark Moon: The Blood Altar is quite interesting. It has all the elements of fantasy and romance. It is expected that Chapter 2 will be released soon. Visit the Webtoon Dark Moon site  to read the webtoon. 

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