Boku No Hero 327 {Oct} An Interesting Episode To Read!

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The article on Boku No Hero 327 is about a Japanese Manga and a recent chapter release. If you like reading comics, consider reading this article.

Do you like superhero series? Do you read Japanese comics? Do you watch animation? What is Boku No Hero? When was chapter 327 of My Hero Academia released? Want to know more? Read this article.

Boku No Hero Academia is a Japanese graphic series (manga). Its 327th chapter was released recently, and it is a Worldwide famous series. Several released games and animation series are based on it. To know more about the Boku No Hero 327 chapter, go through this article. 

What is My Hero Academia?

It is a Manga series (Japanese graphic illustration). It was released in July 2014 and is running till the present time. The genre of this series is Superhero, adventure, and fantasy. Kohei Horikoshi is the illustrator and writer of this Japanese manga. It is published in a weekly magazine.  

It is a story about a boy born with special powers, which are common where he lives, but he still wants to become a superhero. The greatest Superhero saw his potential and helped him to enroll in a Superheroes school for special training.

Boku No Hero 327 

Chapter 327 of the series was released recently on 27th September 2021, and it is now available with English subtitles. This installment is 15 pages long, and a new chapter of the series releases every week. 

A summary as to what happened in the 327th chapter:

  • Izuku takes a bath with others and comes back to the dorm to rest
  • All Might visit the dorm to meet Izuku
  • Izuku and All Might apologize to each other
  • They decide to face problems together 
  • Class 1-A is determined to help civilians and prepare a plan
  • Further, Tomura is prescribed for at least 2 months of rest
  • In Boku No Hero 327 chapter disclosed that the information that All Might received from the Stain contained a disk with security records of Tartarus and a love letter

More Details Of Chapter 327 

  • All Might told everyone that the final battle is coming their way and he will help them even without his Quirk 
  • All Might left the dorm to meet with Heroes and Endeavour
  • Whole of the class 1-A wanted to do something for the civilians
  • So, class 1-A prepared a plan to help and try their best to fix things into normal again
  • All Might receives a strange love letter
  • At last in Boku No Hero 327 chapter, after receiving information from Stain
  • And as Endeavour left, they were shocked to see that a person who killed heroes is now their ally.

Wait until next week for the next chapter’s release.


Chapter 327 was released on the 27th of September 2021 Worldwide. People love reading comics online, and it is a great way of recreation for everyone. This series is fun and adventurous, with a good plot story. Want to know more about the Boku No Hero Academia manga? You can click on the link given here .

Do you like this article on Boku No Hero 327? Please tell us in the comments your views. 

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