Vchics Reviews {March 2022} Is This An Online Scam Site?

If you are amazed at this website’s deals, you should not shop from this website without reading this article based on Vchics Reviews.

In this article, you will get information based on a website that sells women’s outwear as you know that every website in the market claims to be legit. So we will let you know all the information based on its legitimacy considered on Vchics ReviewsOnline shopping is loved by people WorldwideAs we found, many people are interested in this website and want to get off-the-field information about all the factors that justify this website as legit. Please read the article below until the conclusion.

What is 

This new online shopping website aims to provide good quality products and fulfill its customers’ needs at the lowest price possible. A huge category of items can be seen selling on the online store. These are the products that are made available by 

  • Outwear
  • Knitwear 
  • Sets
  • Dresses
  • Shoes 

There are many subcategories in products offered by the site. We noticed that all the products are available at a price point lower than $50. But Is Vchics LegitThem read the below paragraph. 

Specifications of : 

  • Visit the website through this URL:
  • women’s fashion wear is available in the store. 
  • You can return the products within 30 days.
  • Order can also be canceled before its shipment. 
  • The company claims the processing time is 2 days.
  • Standard shipping will take 10-12 days. 
  • Free shipping can be availed if you shop above $119.
  • you can contact the company via +86-21-31477857.
  • You can send your queries to
  • we can see that an image is posted at the company’s address.
  • Payment methods are Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Amex, Discover, Union pay, JCB. 

Read the Vchics Reviews and know if this site is authentic or not. 

Pros of using : 

  • Good quality products are available at a reasonable price. 
  • The User interface of the website is good
  • Facebook and Instagram pages are found linked with
  • We can see that HTTPS protocol is followed. 
  • Free shipping can also be availed if you shop above $119

Cons of using : 

  • The domain age of is a little young.
  • The trust rank obtained by on trust pilot is 43%.
  • You will have to pay a 15% fee for order cancellation.
  • Order can be canceled before its delivery. 
  • Customer reviews for are not available. 

Is Vchics Legit?

It is an important step to research a website before using its services and buying its products. So we have done some research for you. And the following points will help you know better about 

  • The official registration date of this website’s domain was done on 15 June 2021, which is not a good considerable age to shop from a site. 
  • We saw that is active on Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • obtained a 42% score in terms of trust rank. 
  • The site offers all the necessary policies for customers. 
  • We also found no result on any reviewing platforms.

Vchics Reviews

The most important thing to do before shopping from a new website is to check its customer reviews. Customer reviews can tell a whole new story about the authenticity of a website. So you can get to know more about that site. Information like product quality, customer service provided by the company, and the timing of delivery can be noted from these reviews. But after deep research on this website, we could not get a single result based on our search. 

Reading the above details based on Vchics Reviews should be enough to tell that this website is currently new. And you should currently not use this website to shop for items as you don’t have any proper knowledge about We also recommend you use the tools to analyze the website’s legitimacy before making any payment.

To know the procedure to get your money back from a PayPal Scam, click here.


So, as of our research, we can conclude that this website is currently unsafe. But we would not comment anything on its legitimacy for not as this website is new and have no Vchics ReviewsWe recommend you use some other safer websites to shop online. 

Would you like to help us with your feedback in the comment section below?

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44 thoughts on “Vchics Reviews {March 2022} Is This An Online Scam Site?”

  1. Do not order from Vchics. I ordered a coat from them. A purple coat which looked fabulous online. I got nothing CLOSE to what I ordered. I received a dark geometric patterned coat which was boxy and ill fitting. When I reached out to the company they said the return process was “long and cumbersome”. It’s been over a week and I’m still waiting for a reply to return the item I received.


      • Hello Sharon D Phillips, the scenario indicates they are scammers. Thanks for the update. Try once with PayPal, they can better help you in getting your money back. Please update us. Take care. Thanks.

  2. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE!!!! Merchandise is CHEAP NOT AS ADVERTISED!!!!! It is taking me a month to get refund which they are stalling me and not giving it to me!!! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING!!!! THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU A REFUND ONLY OFFER 10% COUPON!!!!!!

  3. Thank you Karen!! I am having the same problem!! CHEAP MERCHANDISE! They will not give me a refund either. I DO NOT WANT A FREAKING COUPON!! I contacted them they day I received cheap cardigan. Still trying to get a refund after a month. DO NOT BUY FROM PERIODT!!

    • Hi Marion Hill, Thank you for sharing your experience. It is not easy for a buyer to understand the website’s purpose. Please read more and more articles here to get awareness. Thank you and take care.

  4. This is a scam! I still haven’t received my product and it’s been over a month. I have contacted the company and they keep giving me the runaround. They are refusing to refund my money. This is a total scam!!

  5. DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY PURCHASING ANYTHING FROM VCHICS. The clothes that are pictured is not what you get. I think it is scam, they have been dragging their feet when I requested a refund. The first email from them stated that it would take weeks for them to get back to me. What company does business like this. They have left me no other choice that to file fraudulent charges with my credit card companay.

  6. Hi all, DO NOT order from vchics website, I ordered a jacket from them, when the jacket arrived It was of a very poor
    quality, looked nothing like it did in the picture, and probably had a value of 5 euro, not the 65 euro they charged me.
    When I wanted to return my item for a refund, I got the same old bullshit runaround that other disgruntled customers
    on this review got, It will take too long to return the item and that it will be too costly for me to return. I still insisted
    on returning the item but then I stopped receiving help from customer service. What a scam, do not buy anything from

  7. DO NOT order from Vchics! On 12/14/21 I ordered a purple velvet & pink sparkle jacket and immediately canceled the order within a few hours. I followed their policy and was well within the cancellation period. They gave me the run around that a refund was too difficult & to make another selection. I replied that I wanted my money back. I received another reply that the merchandise was shipped 12/24/21 despite me canceling. Today 1/20/22 I received both and they are AWFUL! Look nothing like the picture and the quality is extremely poor. The jackets are misshaped and do not fit. Even the tag was sewed upside down. Please do not waste your money! The glitter is all over my house from the pink jacket. I received a reply today saying they don’t refund shipped clothes!

    • Hello KR, it’s horrible. The way they cheat with the buyers is out of imagination. We feel sad, you canceled the order and in spite, they dispatched the order that is of low quality. Please be alert. Take care. Thank you.

  8. Received a code discount of 15% off but when placing my order it didn’t accept it so I send an email but the reply was for a different company that sell similar stuff, so I’m not going to purchase from here at all.

  9. DO NOT ORDER FROM VCHICS…unless you want to wait more than 6 weeks to receive your order. Or if you need to return something, forget it. They take forever to respond, make you send pictures, then tell you it will cost you too much to return it?? Then stop responding. And the quality is not good.

  10. I ordered a Camo swing jacket and when I received it it was nothing like the picture. I immediately emailed them and requested a refund and after many days of no response they finally emailed me to say they were on their holiday break and would be processing my refund when the return. I have since sent them 2 emails asking if they are still celebrating their holiday after 2 months. No response. I wish I had known this item was coming from oversees from such a horrible company. I would not have ordered from them. I couldn’t even give this jacket away if I wanted to it’s so hideous. I even sent them a side by side picture comparison from what they advertised and what I received….HORRIBLE!! Like everyone else, I would never recommend anyone buy from them ever.

  11. I just had the same experience as everyone else that commented. I ordered a jacket and it was nothing like what I saw on their website. I immediately emailed them and they offered me a 10% off coupon. I replied to decline and the email bounced back twice. I created a new email with a copy of the original conversation exchange and I declined their 10% offer. They replied back and offered me 20% off. That is when I opened a case via PayPal. I explained the issue in detail and included photos of what they had on their website and what I received. They tried to offer me a partial refund of $40. I declined and replied with I’ll accept $52.99 which is what I paid for the jacket and they can keep their whopping $8.99 for shipping. They accepted and now I’m waiting for my refund. I wish I read the reviews before placing my order!

      • I’ve ordered something and I’m hoping it’s decent quality.I’m ashamed to say I didn’t research this website prior. I will let you know how I make out. I’m assuming my response will be as negative as all the others. But I’ll let you know. Hope I’m proved wrong and can give a good review.

  12. I ordered one outfit on April 06, 2022 and have not gotten my order. I have an order number 9634 but have not gotten anything else from these people.

  13. I wouldn’t advise my worst enemy to order from this site. I received a outfit that looked nothing like the picture and it was supposed to be linen but it was cotton. I will never order from them again.

    • Hello Terri Johnson, we feel bad, you have not got the order till date. No single response suggests they must be fraudulent. You can go for a refund and take your money back. It is advisable, to be safe and alert from such portals. Take care. Thanks.

  14. I ordered on may 3, canceled on may 4. They emailed me on may 6 that to cancel I would have to pay 15%.. I agreed to do that. Never received a response to my agreement. Emailed and asked for a response and never received one. This morning may 11 they email and text telling me item has shipped. Now waiting until 9am to follow-up on the dispute that I made with credit card company on may 6. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY

    • Hi, Lydia! We always alert our readers from various scam websites, so that they should not lose their money. It is really disturbing and hurting if someone loses the money with a scam website. Keep on reading here. Thank you.

  15. VChics is a bogus company. THEY ARE THIEVES!! They send you the cheapest gauze clothing that is nowhere near the ad, and when you ask for your money back, they say their accounts are frozen.

    No kidding because you took our money and ran away with it.


  16. V CHICS is a STRAIGHT UP SCAM! DO NOT Order anything from them. They have no return policy. IF you don’t like the merchandise they will run you around in circles about returning it until you are tired and fed up. It’s a good thing the crap is not over expensive otherwise you would be in deep trouble. I purchased a dress I thought was supposed to be flowy and summery according to the photo on line. I received a dress that would fit my 8 year old grand baby. NOTHING LIKE THE ON LINE PICTURE! When I sent the email with the order # for V CHICS to have them send me a return label (I would have been happy to pay for the return), they just gave me the run around. Telling me to give it to a friend! THE NERVE! I was so sick and tired of them, I still have the stupid dress, I will take to the Good Will and maybe get a write off. Bottom line, I did not ever get my money back, so don’t waste your coins on this crappy company. Too many others out there to get swindled by swindlers.

    • Hello DENITA RIVERA, And what about the tracking information from this site? Our honest suggestion is to cross-check everything, read other buyers’ comments, and then take your correct move. Please let us know further on the status of your purchase. Take care!


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